Wednesday, March 13, 2024

More baking.....................

I had 3 sessions in the kitchen yesterday.  I baked the Kringlas in the morning, peanut butter cookies after lunch and mixed chocolate chip dough in intermissions during my TV time.  I'll finish the baking this morning.

I sewed some more strip sets to make 9 patches.

I only got one batting trimmed to length yesterday.  It is on the backing on the longarm now.

I found two Lungwort/Pulmonaria plants with blooms.  I thought about raking the leaves off the bed but there is possible snow predicted next Monday which means cold weather.  Yesterday I checked the temperature once in the afternoon and it was 69 degrees.


Julierose said...

WOW your garden is really "waking up"--can Spring be far now?
Those cookies look fabulous--I'll be over to sample them for you hahaha
9-patches are coming along really well.
I am starting a "parts dept" here and am presently making hourglasses from 2.5" squares and want to use up my batiks making nine patches...plans for the next few big projects, hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

one of those years where spring is early but we still get a cold night here or there and I might need to be protecting the blueberries for two nights coming up at the end of the weekend it might get down to 32 and the blossoms are about open.

JJM said...

What a treat your grandchildren are in for ~ with all your delicious cookies you’re making. And such a nice post today with your
Lovely spring like ‘9 Patches’ ~ so pretty. And more spring blossoms in another one of your gardens.


Nann said...

Yes, it's too soon to remove that protective mulch. The cookies look scrumptious!

Patty said...

The cookies look yummy, the blocks are so pretty and how fun to see more plants coming back to life! It got up to 71 here today.

Barbara Anne said...

Oh, Wanda, you do (pretty please!) need a section for your cookie recipes so we can be copy cats. Your photos look scrumptious.

Good progress on your 9 Patches!

You're wise to keep your garden protected as it's not even quite mid-March yet.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Baking is fun, cleaning up, not so much. Must be something special happening with all those cookies going on.

Mystic Quilter said...

Gosh, you're really on a baking spree, looks very tasty! I'm pleased you showed the Pulmonaria as I lost my lovely patch in the back garden, so I need to visit the garden centre. I do like your batik nine patches. I have two huge, huge tubs of quarter yards/metres which would work well in this design.