Thursday, September 30, 2021

Basting done...........

I got the basting done on my floral colorwash but I'm not going to stress over whether I can get it quilted and bound for a finish this month.  It might be the first finish of October.

When I was filling the bird feeders I noticed I have 2 different colors of Four o'clocks.  The pinker ones are on a plant that has been laying down across the ground and it usually wasn't blooming at the same time as the other 3 plants.

So, in the end I got 2 colors out of pack of mixed color seeds.  I had a second pack of seeds that I didn't plant so I will plant them next year and see if any come up.

Some friends I hadn't seen for quite a while stopped by yesterday afternoon.  One of them is a gardening pal so I dug up some Coral Bell plants for him.  The all green plant with fluffy white flowers was overtaking one of my back gardens so it was good to get 2 of the outreaching plants out of the area.  I had been intending to dig them out anyway but didn't know where I was going to put them.  This photo is another piece from the same plant earlier this summer in the front garden.  The leaves on the mother plant in the back garden are almost twice this size.  I might dig out a couple more sections while I'm at it and either pot them or search for a place to put them.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Finally focused................

It took me a couple days after all of the packages were mailed to get focused on what needs to be done.  Since yesterday was a cooler day between 2 hot days it was time to get outside.  I planted 4 of the Sedums (that were in pots) along the front left side of my house.  They don't look like much now because they were all parts of plants but they should look good next year.

In the morning I went to the back garden and checked on the Sedums that I transplanted out there in May.  The blooms aren't as big as the ones in the front but I haven't watered them at all and I have watered the ones in the front a few times.

The Four o'clocks are going to seed now.  I was surprised that the seeds are black.  I'm going to let them drop and hope for a big bed of flowers next year.

I sewed more parts for my older project.  I can't find the piece that has been sewn so today is searching day.  I think this project is going to be small.  I have plenty of fabric so I can add big borders or make table runners.  There are 75 of each type of block in the piles.

I decided that I will finish a colorwash wallhanging before the end of the month.  Yesterday I pressed it and cut the backing and batting.  This morning I will baste it and hopefully get to the quilting by afternoon. That gives me one day to get the binding hand sewn.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Dumpster diving....well more like bin diving..........

I moved a design wall to get into a bin I haven't opened for a few years.  I was really surprised to find Halloween fabric but then I remembered I had made one small quilt top in 2009 with some of it.

This is the only photo I could find of it and it looks like it is just blocks on the design wall.

Also in the bin was this start of a sewing machine cover.  The shapes are untrasuede and the stitching around the appliques is done with a wooly thread.

I actually even put the rest of the background fabric in the same bin.  It is like a washed denim.

 In another bin up high on a shelf I found dotted fabric strips, 1.5" wide and 2" wide, 135 and 139 strips in the bags.  I know I made my quilt top with 168 different dotted fabrics in 2006.  I then added a dotted border and dotted back for a total of 170 dotted fabrics in the finished quilt.

I quilted it in 2009 and gave it to a great-niece as a graduation gift.  I remember I cut lots of kits for this quilt too and gave a class on it.  That is probably when I cut the strips, in 2009.  Maybe they have aged enough to be used now.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Lazy day......

I just couldn't get going on anything yesterday.  I really can't tell you what I did.  Last night I sewed one block with the other pieces that are on the same die as the top blocks.  One of the ideas on the sheet that came with the die was to use the 2 together so I laid out a half block to the left of the whole pinwheel.

This morning I need to prepare the last 9 packages from the pop-up shop sales and deliver them to the post office.  Then my plan is to figure out which quilt I am going to finish before the end of the month.

It's supposed to get close to 90 degrees today with a couple more days above 80 in the middle of the week.  No rain predicted all week.  It's too much like summer for me.  I'm ready for fall weather.


Sunday, September 26, 2021

Playing with fabric..........

I rushed to get 8 more packages mailed yesterday morning before the post office closed at noon.  Then I was free to play with fabric.  I am continuing to look for fabrics to go with this coneflower fabric.  I found a few batiks that look great with it.  I need to come up with the pattern I am going to make with the fabrics as I continue to look for more.

I have added some new bright Aboriginal prints to my Australian fabric collection.  These will brighten up the next quilt.

I'm happy to report I sold some of the paper piecing products in my pop-up shop after mentioning them yesterday on the blog.  I didn't want to put them in paper recycling so I'm glad they will be headed to new homes.


Saturday, September 25, 2021

Mail room duty............

I spent a lot of time yesterday preparing 18 packages and taking them in 2 trips to the post office (7 blocks from my house).  My dining room was the mail room.  I was pretty wiped out at the end of the afternoon so I picked up my evening meal as a carry out from one of my favorite local food sources.

I was looking through several of my quilting books and stopped at this one once again.  The strips are cut 3.5" wide and have various length pieces in each vertical strip.  I have been looking for a quilt to make with my black and white batik fabrics and I think this would be a good one.  I won't be using the instructions but just using this for inspiration.

I bought the die to cut this block on one of the half price sales and hadn't used it yet.  Wednesday night I cut pieces from my batik large scraps and pieced these blocks as a trial to see if I want to do it random or if I would plan it.  Since I'm using medium values for both lights and darks the pinwheels alternating dark and light don't show up very well.  I like the jumble of colors and indistinct pattern so I'll probably cut blocks now and then....for another quilt in progress.  

One can never have too many projects.......I think.....but on the other hand I think I will finish another quilt after I get done with the rest of the packaging and mailing.  That will give me 3 finishes for the month.  Then I can proceed with my many projects.  I have half of the blocks for the Autumn Coneflowers 2 pressed and need to start the layout on a large double design wall.

My pop-up shop closes at 10 p.m. EST today.  I thank all of you who have purchased items.  It feels so good that it all goes to homes where it will be used.  There haven't been any takers for the paper piecing patterns or Millennium fabric.  They were long shots to add to the sale.  If you are curious what is left, click here.

Friday, September 24, 2021

A walk outside............

I did some outside work after the front of the house was in the shade.  I remembered to take my camera and snapped this shot of the Sedums in daylight.  There are 2 little pots of miniature zinnias by the base of the mailbox post and 2 pots of pink Begonias on the driveway.  I pulled some weeds that got a lot bigger after our rain 3 days ago.

My new Hydrangea has turned all pink now but not the deep raspberry that they showed on the cone shaped flowers on the tag.  This is the Zinfin Doll variety.

I found a little renegade flower in my pot of Vincas.

My three pots of Pentas are doing well.  I hope to bring them inside for the winter.

That little Sedum that had such bright flowers earlier now has dried blossoms.

And for a little more pinkness, a close up of one of the Sedums.

My pop-up shop will be open to everyone at noon EST today.  The shop will close 10 p.m. EST tomorrow.  Here is a link.

Thursday, September 23, 2021


I just happened to walk through the kitchen when I saw this sunset.  I love the pink/blue skies.

All afternoon I meant to go out to take a photo of the Sedums in bloom.  Here they are at dusk, still pretty but I'll get a better shot soon so you can see how pretty they really are.

My pop-up shop will open at noon EST today for people on my email list.  You should have gotten an email from us late last night with a video of how to navigate the shop. Watch for another email at noon today with the password.  If you don't see it check your junk/spam folder in case your email program put it there.  The password is case sensitive. Copy and paste or type it in just as you see it.

Everyone else can get into the shop tomorrow at noon EST.  A reminder, it will be a 2 day shop and it will close at 10 p.m EST Saturday.  

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

40 blocks.............

I realized as I was sewing blocks last night that 3 of the mottled batik blocks could be used to fill in the last 3 spots.  I may still make some new blocks if I think I need a different combinations somewhere.

There was only one seam left on the 37 duplicate blocks so I got them all sewn while watching 3 hours of TV.

Now I need to move all of the blocks to a larger double design wall to determine the layout.  This might wait for a couple days while I finish up the behind the scenes part of my pop-up shop.

My pop-up shop will open at noon ET on Thursday for people on my email list.  Everyone else can get into the shop on Friday at noon ET.  A reminder, it will be a 2 day shop so it will close sometime on Saturday afternoon.  If you want to sign up for the email list go here (or there is a form on my right side bar).

While looking into all of the nooks and crannies for possible offerings for the pop-up shop I found this little piece.  I should pin it up on my bulletin board where I can see it often.  Pins from guilds I used to be a member of plus show pins and fun rotary cutter and scissor pins are fun to see again.

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Almost to the half way mark...............

I have 37 blocks made now and have decided to go with 80 blocks.  I have the 37 duplicate blocks partially sewn and now I need to decide what is needed for the last 6 strips of fabric.  There are 3 FBI shows on TV tonight so that should be enough time to finish all of the rest of the blocks.

Can you believe I still have scraps left after all that I sold at my last pop-up shop?  I will have several bags of them in my pop-up shop that will open at noon ET on Thursday for people on my email list.  Everyone else can get into the shop on Friday at noon ET.  A reminder, it will be a 2 day shop so it will close sometime on Saturday afternoon.  If you want to sign up for the email list go here (or there is a form on my right side bar).


Monday, September 20, 2021

27 blocks..............

I got 10 more blocks sewn last night and have 27 duplicates ready to sew tonight.  I have 10 more strip sets ready to press and cut for the final blocks.

I worked on more packs of fabric for my pop-up shop which we are hoping to open on Thursday this week.  Dots were one category and Moda fabrics by Sandy Gervais and Brannock and Patek were another bunch I got processed.  Also Asian themed fabric.

I'm still working on more batik scrap packs, both strips and small pieces.

We are planning on just a 2 day shop this time since it is mostly fabric and the fabric sells fast.  I have a few jump start projects to offer too.  If you want early access be sure you are on my email list.  You don't need to sign up again unless you have changed your email address.

We will only ship to US addresses.


Sunday, September 19, 2021

17 blocks..............

I have no idea if I'm on the right path for my recreation of Autumn Coneflowers but I don't mind having extra blocks that I don't use.

Monday night there are 2 new NCIS shows on TV so I'll sew a lot more blocks then.

Below is the photo of the original Autumn Coneflowers so I can see it with the blocks I have already made.  I'm not shooting for an exact recreation, just a general feel of it.


Saturday, September 18, 2021

More updating photos..............

While I still had the auxiliary lights set up for photographing quilts I decided to take a new photo of Crooked Cobblestones I.  I have sold or gifted all of the rest of the series.

I took a series of detail shots too while I was at it.

Many people have asked if there is a pattern for this.  It is totally improv.

Some of the centers are less than an inch on one edge, others are over 3" on one edge, whatever size the scrap was that I picked up next.

I found a bag of over 150 blocks a couple weeks ago so maybe someday there will be another one.

I am making progress on the 16 patch blocks but nothing worthy of a photo yet.

We got a little rain last night.  That is .8" for the whole month so far.  I really don't remember what it feels like to get a whole inch of rain in one storm.


Friday, September 17, 2021

Grouping and sewing.............

In my quest to reduce my stash to the fabrics I really use (or want to use) my next group to work with was novelty and kid prints.  I had fun grouping fabrics that work well together or have the same theme.  The leftovers went into miscellaneous packs.  This is one bunch that will be offered in my pop-up shop next week.  All of it is quilt shop quality because I worked at and was buyer of fabric for the store.

Then I worked on the Autumn Coneflower 2 blocks.  I cut the 2 strip pieces in half and sewed them into 4 strip pieces.  Now they need to go to the ironing board.

Five of the 4 strip sections were cut into pieces for blocks and I sewed one of each.  I haven't decided if I will sew up the duplicate set as I go or just work on the first half of the blocks so I can get to the design wall quicker.  These 5 aren't very interesting together but imagine them mixed into the group in the previous photo.


Thursday, September 16, 2021

My reward............

My reward for spending all day with my camera and computer was taking time to sew together the first 12 blocks of the mottled fabrics.  I'm really liking this and think I might like to make a bed size quilt out of this.  I have another 12 duplicate blocks to sew before I make some new ones.

Here they are again as strip sets.  It's amazing how they change when they become 16 patch blocks.

We are enjoying some beautiful weather again for 2 or 3 days.  The forecast to the end of the month is warmer than normal.  I just hope that doesn't include too many 90 degree days.


Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Frustrating computer programs.............

I did get a little sewing in yesterday and have 12 strip sets of the mottled batiks sewn, ready to press and then I can slice them and make blocks.

I spent several hours yesterday taking photos for my pop-up shop next week. Then when I went into my photo program the trouble started.  I worked for over an hour trying to get it to co-operate and finally found that I can resize my photos in Paint.  My photo program was flaky one other time and the problem was that I cleared off my card with my computer and you have to clear the card with your camera.  I got that fixed but this time I have no idea what is wrong.  At least I know I have a work-around to achieve the same results.  

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

One or two?.................

I got 5 more strip sets made for the Autumn Coneflowers 2 quilt.  This gives me enough to make a total of 72 blocks and I will need a minimum of 63 or a maximum of 80, all depending on what happens at the design wall.

But why work on just one new quilt when I could be working on two.  I have been working on another pop-up shop for the end of next week and one of the offerings will be the mottled batiks.  While I was pressing and cutting for the packs I cut a 2.5" strip off the end if there was enough fabric left.  I have been pairing them and starting sewing them last night too.  This will be very painterly looking or almost like marble squares.