Friday, September 24, 2021

A walk outside............

I did some outside work after the front of the house was in the shade.  I remembered to take my camera and snapped this shot of the Sedums in daylight.  There are 2 little pots of miniature zinnias by the base of the mailbox post and 2 pots of pink Begonias on the driveway.  I pulled some weeds that got a lot bigger after our rain 3 days ago.

My new Hydrangea has turned all pink now but not the deep raspberry that they showed on the cone shaped flowers on the tag.  This is the Zinfin Doll variety.

I found a little renegade flower in my pot of Vincas.

My three pots of Pentas are doing well.  I hope to bring them inside for the winter.

That little Sedum that had such bright flowers earlier now has dried blossoms.

And for a little more pinkness, a close up of one of the Sedums.

My pop-up shop will be open to everyone at noon EST today.  The shop will close 10 p.m. EST tomorrow.  Here is a link.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

sometimes I find that the photo of the flower color on the tag attached to the plant is totally different then what grows -

patty a. said...

All that pink in your garden is so pretty! What a wonderful reward for all your hard work!

BatikFanatic said...

SO pretty — thanks for sharing with us!

Needledmom said...

The pinks look so pretty. I believe there is a special fertilizer to feed the hydrangeas to get them to bloom the color you want. It has something to do with the acid in your soil, I guess. Ours started off blue, but come back pink unless treated.

JJM said...

After yesterday’s sneak peak of one of your front gardens, I’m happy you you gave us a garden tour today. Sedum pinks are so soothing to see.

Happy to see your POP UP shop is selling well, fun, fun fabric packets that you could not find any where else but at your shop !


O'Quilts said...

Your Sedum is stunning...My guess is you favor pink...bedroom, sedum etc...Of course I do know you love all the colors xoxo