Friday, September 17, 2021

Grouping and sewing.............

In my quest to reduce my stash to the fabrics I really use (or want to use) my next group to work with was novelty and kid prints.  I had fun grouping fabrics that work well together or have the same theme.  The leftovers went into miscellaneous packs.  This is one bunch that will be offered in my pop-up shop next week.  All of it is quilt shop quality because I worked at and was buyer of fabric for the store.

Then I worked on the Autumn Coneflower 2 blocks.  I cut the 2 strip pieces in half and sewed them into 4 strip pieces.  Now they need to go to the ironing board.

Five of the 4 strip sections were cut into pieces for blocks and I sewed one of each.  I haven't decided if I will sew up the duplicate set as I go or just work on the first half of the blocks so I can get to the design wall quicker.  These 5 aren't very interesting together but imagine them mixed into the group in the previous photo.



patty a. said...

Those look like some fun prints that will be in the pop up shop.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Great novelty prints peeking out of those bags.