Flannel quilts

54/40 or fight and log cabin.....gifted to a niece.

Log cabin with Moda brushed plaids........gifted to a nephew

Hearts and Stars, a Mary Ellen Hopkins design......donated to a computer club Christmas raffle

An original design that I have used many times with changes in number of center triangles and sizes of piano key borders.  I don't know who has this quilt......I don't keep good records.

Original design........gifted to great-nephew and his bride

Original design.........gifted to nephew

8 point star cut with Studio die cutter...........gifted to grandson-in-law

The three above and two below are all Stack and Slash pattern.  This is a great pattern for flannel.

The second above is Buzz Saw, pattern from a Leisure Arts book. Directly above is a paper pieced pattern by Karen K Stone.  I added three crazy pieced sections to add my own twist to it.

The one below is made from my Twisted Rail tutorial.
This design is called Windy City from a Sally Schneider book "Scrap Happy".

Just a simple quilt of all squares.......gifted to my hairdresser

The rest of the squares with a little whimsy added in, paper pieced NY Beauty sections.  Gifted to a great-niece in CA.

This one is really soft and it was given to my youngest granddaughter as she was expecting a baby.

I wanted to use the scraps from die cutting the Tumbler shapes so I made some crazy pieced blocks with them and added them into the mix.  A great-nephew owns this one.

I had some brick shapes and some tumbler shapes cut with my die cutter but not enough of either for a quilt so I put them all together in one quilt.  This quilt went to a friend's nephew who had incurable cancer.  He really loved this quilt.