Colorwash quilts

I made this church banner for a friend to gift to her church in 2015.  It is approximately 69" x 93" and is all batik fabrics.  I used Hobbs Thermore batting in it to keep it lightweight.   Click here to see a photo of it hanging in the church.
21" finished colorwash.  I used 2" squares to make it in 2015.

28" colorwash made with 2.5" squares.

I made the top before 2007 and used it as a class sample for years.  Then in 2015 I finally quilted and finished it.

This little 19" colorwash is a mix of regular quilting cottons and batiks and was made in 2015.

All batik rectanges 2.5" x 4.5".    I made it in June, 2007.

It is 45" x 63.5".

It is in the Julie and Larry Sefton Collection and was featured in the October 2014 issue of "Quilt Life".

Bright Colorwash 1 - 43" x 56"  Finished in 2012
Bright Colorwash 2
39.5" x 50.5" Finished in 2013

Bright colorwash made with rectangles 2" x 4" finished in 2015.  Sold as a quilt top in 2015.

Batik Colorwash 50.5" x 38.5".  Finished in 2012

Batik Colorwash 2 - 38.5" x 38.5".  Finished in 2012
Batik colorwash made in 2015 with rectangles that finish at 2" x 4".  It is approximately 44" x 68".

African Colorwash - 20" x 23.75".  Finished in 2013

I made this piece in Feb. 2008.  It is 19" x 23.5"

I had the quilt top on my design wall for about 8 years.  I finally finished it in Feb. 2008.  It is 20" square.

Colorwash bars, designed and pieced in 1995 and quilted many years later.  My first colorwash pieces were made with calico type fabrics and from there I went to multicolor busy floral prints of a little larger size.

This is one of my earliest pieces made with 1.5" squares that finish at 1".  It is 12.75" square.

This is another early piece, also with squares finishing at 1".  It is 16.5" square.
I sold this piece so I can't measure it but i think it is about 25" square.  If you go back to this post you will see how I store the squares for working on this type of quilt.
I challenged myself to go one step farther with this colorwash and add applique to it.  I liked it before I added the triangles and I like it afterwards so I'm not sure what I learned there.  This piece is 36" x 37".
This piece was one of the first colorwash pieces that I made.  I believe it was in January of 1991.  It was accepted in the AQS show in 1992.  It is 49" square.
I entered this quilt in the local county fair quite a few years ago and it won the Best Quilt purple ribbon.  It is a Colorwash Trip Around the World. 

This heart colorwash quilt was made with a strip pieced method of constructing 13 stratas to create the 13 rows in the hearts and then sliced to make 24 identical blocks.  I gave this quilt to one of my nieces.