Monday, September 16, 2019

A lovely weekend...........

I went to all but one of my granddaughter's fittings for her wedding dress so I knew the dress very well.  My job was to button about 30 satin buttons with elastic loops up the back of the dress.  In my day the loops would have been made with satin covered tiny cord.  The elastic was much easier to button.

When she was trying to find the something blue I reminded her that I had given her older sister my blue star sapphire ring many years ago.  The ring was brought back to IL and it fit her perfectly.  The 2 sisters are now going to share the ring.  The lace around the bouquet stems is from her mom's wedding dress.  We had cut it up and made the ring bearer's pillow for her older sister's wedding 7 1/2 years ago.  There was a lot of lace left and I'm so happy they used some more of it.

The reception hall was one of the nicest I have been to and the food was so delicious.  Of course the DJ had the music too loud but we knew that was coming.  The young folks had a great time dancing.
Here is one more zinnia photo with a complimentary bug added to it.  I haven't seen any Monarch caterpillars the last 2 days so I hope they have all made a Chrysalis somewhere and that we will have some Monarchs flying around in a couple weeks.

Sunday, September 15, 2019

After the Wedding......

Last night was my granddaughter's wedding. We only have one photo to share, my daughter Vicki, Me, and her daughter, (my third granddaughter).

The weather was perfect for an outside wedding with a fountain backdrop. The food was delicious....and the Bride was beautiful.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Granddaughter's wedding day...........

All of the travelers made it here safely.  I'll be busy all day today and might post later in the day tomorrow than usual.  The humidity has finally dropped to a comfortable level after a sweltering week.

My plumber worked hard on my emergency yesterday and I have a drain that is working and a whole new huge PVC pipe in place of the black pipe from the 1950s.  

Friday, September 13, 2019

The good and the bad..........

Yesterday was a day of baking, hemming a lace and chiffon matron of honor dress, and getting together with my son's family.  All was going well until I came home and started mixing another batch of goodies.  The kitchen sink was totally stopped up, 8 p.m., no warning.  I made a quick trip to get a drain clog removal liquid but so far it is still clogged......
family gets here from out of state for the wedding later today.
So on a brighter note, the photo above is the Sedum with a moth with wings closed and this photo has its wings partially opened.  The Painted Lady and yellow and white butterflies along with these moths have been loving these blooms.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Charley Harper stars...........

I had a very busy day yesterday but I needed to sew something last night.  Since the Charley Harper fabrics were already pressed I cut the squares and triangles and made 3 blocks.  I have 13 blocks for this quilt now.  They are 9" so I probably need either 48 or 63 blocks depending on how large of a throw quilt I want to make.

Here are some of the smaller prints in the other Charley Harper line that I mentioned yesterday.  His designs are printed on Organic Cotton and were $16.50 a yard when I bought the first line.  The price might be the reason a lot of quilt shops don't carry the fabric.  I buy all of mine online.
This is another Swamp Milkweed a/k/a Butterfly Weed at the opposite end of the garden from the one I showed with 3 caterpillars on Tuesday.  There was just this one caterpillar on this one.

I have volunteer Rose of Sharon bushes all along the north side of my garage.  Here are 2 different shades of pink growing side by side.

More baking to do today.  Yesterday was pumpkin muffins and shortbread cookies.  Today is Frosted Creams.  I am shortening my oldest granddaughter's dress for her sister's wedding today too in addition to more cleaning.  The bonus in all of this?  I get to see my whole family together at the wedding and my house will be clean too.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Next in line.........

Yesterday morning I helped a friend with several projects and then we went to lunch.  I spent the afternoon deep cleaning my living room.  The dining room will be today's project.  Last night I chose 3 more fabrics to cut for my solids with prints series of quilts.  This is the first line of Charley Harper fabrics.  I have another line which is sea creatures and the prints are smaller so they will probably be the next group to cut.
This beautiful cluster of 6 tomatoes ripened on the vine without a squirrel having one bite.  Amazing!  I think this was from the Early Girl plant.

One Aster plant has blooms already; the rest will take another week I think.

These 2 Elephant Ear plants took longer to start growing that the third pot but they have almost caught up in size.

This is the larger plant along with the Canna.  I don't think the Canna is going to bloom because I got it planted late.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Caterpillar parade..........

Two friends I hadn't seen for quite awhile came by yesterday.  He wanted a couple milkweed leaves and I mentioned that I hadn't seen any caterpillars for almost a week and I was about ready to pull out the milkweed.  He came back in the house all excited and said I had 3 caterpillars on one plant.  It is on the one I called Swamp Milkweed and he said it is also called Butterfly Weed.
While I was looking at those 3 he spied another one on a little milkweed plant right next to the sidewalk.

We kept looking and found another one.....

and another one.  They shed their skin several times in their short life and you can tell which stage they are in by their stripes.  I haven't seen any Chrysalis yet but I did see a couple Monarch butterflies last week.  I hope they are ones that I helped create by having the milkweed available.
Last night I made 2 more stars for the solids with prints quilt and both have London inspired fabric.  I have been to London, the only far away place I have ever visited.