Monday, October 3, 2022

Making pieced parts.....................

The quilt I am currently working on has a pieced block and a matching whole fabric piece the same size and there are 2 sizes of pieces.

This is the final 16 small pieced blocks and I have the 16 matching size whole fabric pieces cut also.

I got 12 of the 16 large pieced blocks sewn and have all of the rest of the pieces cut.

In a couple days I will have all of the blocks sewn and then I'll decide if I need to trim them or if I can just ease and stretch to make everything fit.

I need to get outside and cut down the Peonies soon. They are starting to dry up.  We were short on rainfall last month and very little even mentioned for this whole week.  It looks like we might get a freeze on Friday night so the tomatoes will likely be done then unless I can save them by covering them.


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Finding more fabrics.................

I went through the box of larger Kaffe collective scraps and found a few more pieces to use in the current quilt in progress.

I couldn't get right in front of the design wall to take this photo so it looks like it is crooked on the design wall but it isn't.  My log cabin blocks are still on the wall so I only have a small area to put these in.  There are 4 more blocks added since yesterday's post and then I had to make more large pieced blocks before I could continue.  Four more blocks were assembled but I need to move these blocks higher before I can add them.  Then I counted pieces to see if I need to cut any more.  I think I could still use a little more variety in the dark fabrics.

Saturday, October 1, 2022

Monthly recap for September 2022

No complete finishes in September but I did get a quilt top sewn together.  I started this quilt on July 6th and finished the top on September 22nd.  I have named it Charley in the Forest.  It is all Kaffe Fassett collective and Charley Harper fabrics except for one Martha Negley print.  The complete story is back on this post.  There were so many decisions to make on this one and I really wasn't sure how big it was going to be when I started.

In the previous 2 months I had 6 finishes and no quilt tops so I'm closer to get back to an even balance for the year for tops/finishes.

I am 12 blocks into my newest project.  I'm pretty sure I will be able to finish this one this month because I have the majority of the pieces already cut.

Friday, September 30, 2022

Making blocks.....................

I started sewing some blocks together last night and had to stop when I ran out of large pieced blocks.  I think I am going to like it with the fabrics I'm using.  I want to add a few more dark fabrics though so I don't get bored with the same fabrics over and over.

I sewed some more large blocks after I took the photo above.

They are made in sets of 4 so there are 4 center pieces the same shape.  I'm trying to make as many different size centers as I can in the 9 sets of 4.

I have been seeing macramé again in decorating.  I'm wondering if macramé jewelry will come back in fashion too.  I bought these from an artist back in the 1970s. 

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Starting the large blocks...........

I worked on the larger pieced blocks for my new project last night.

Here are some large and small blocks together.  I hope to be able to show the block set up tomorrow.

I had one more treat to bake yesterday morning for the family.  I delivered all of the treats to the person who is travelling.  Of course I kept a few for myself.  A few got stashed in the freezer so I'm set for a couple weeks.

I have given up on the idea of quilting a large quilt this month.  I think the Charley in the Forest quilt top will have to be on stage by itself in my monthly recap.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Sewing again............

I had enough pieces cut Sunday to start making the pieced blocks for the Karla Alexander quilt called The Square Within (in her Color Shuffle book).  These are the smaller of the 2 pieced blocks.

This is another group I made after I took the above photo.

The idea is to have many different sizes of the center piece in the block.  I have made 12 of 36 in the small category.  Then I will do the same thing with the larger cut pieces for another 36 blocks.

Someone in the family is going to visit the 3 great-grands that live a distance from here so I started baking.  These are the shortbread cookies.

Then later in the day I baked chocolate chip cookies.  It was in the 40s yesterday morning and 61 degrees in the house when I got up.  I don't want to turn on the heat yet because it is going to go up to the 70s starting Friday.  With the natural gas prices at an extreme high I can get by with baking and wearing flannel shirts to keep warm.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Started cutting........

This probably doesn't look much different from yesterday's photo but these are cut pieces for the new quilt.  I'm about halfway through cutting.  I need to add a few fabrics because I'm short one dark fabric and one light fabric here.  I think I might make mine one row longer than the one in the book.

I also got the two 86" long backing panels cut but didn't get them pressed or seamed yet.  I think I may be avoiding it.  Not fun.  Maybe if I took the piles off the ironing table my attitude would change.

We are having some pretty chilly weather right now so the Sedums are starting to turn to their darker fall color.

Here is a view from the other side.  It was a dreary day so the photo is a little dark.  The plant on the right is a different variety than the others so its flowers are a little bit different color.

I realized yesterday that Blogger had dropped my main email address for sending comments to my inbox.  I have them sent to 2 emails so I can catch when this happens.  I was able to go back in and add my main email back in but I wish they would leave well enough alone and not mess with our settings.