Monday, February 19, 2018


Yesterday afternoon I sewed on the rest of the sashing strips and then sewed the Kaffe butterfly quilt top together.  The border on the pattern is big chunks of Kaffe fabric.  I thought maybe piano keys would work but it may be too busy.

Last night I started sewing a colorwash wallhanging.

I took another photo of the orange cactus on top of the desk and got it in focus this time.

Our warm up (50s) starts today so the snow should melt fast.  Tomorrow might hit 60 and then we go back down to the 30s again for 2 days.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

A snow day.............

We have had a few days of melting snow and then yesterday the snow came down with big flakes for a couple hours.  The roads melted off quickly and it is supposed to be 60 and rain by Tuesday.  This looked like the snowman building type of snow the way it built up on all of the tree branches and on this Rose of Sharon bush outside my kitchen window.  Our previous snows were light and fluffy because it was so cold when it snowed.
My inside garden is still blooming though and froggy is taking care of my orange cactus.  The one on top of the desk is blooming too but my photo was blurry so I can't show it.

My favorite pink one has a bloom and a bud ready to open soon plus some more buds on the other side that will open later in the week.

There are only 10 more days left in February so I had better choose a quilt top to finish into a quilt before the deadline.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Some sashing sewn......

I have some of the sashing strips sewn on but the blocks aren't sewn together in rows yet.  I did a little rearranging of the butterflies and think this is the final layout but just in case I change my mind I'll wait to sew the rows.  The corner squares will be a little smaller once the rows are sewn together.
I'm looking through boxes in the basement again and I found this project that was started over 15 years ago.

It is paper pieced and here is the pattern.  All of the printed papers came in the package.  I was making my star points with 9 pieces instead of the 16 on the pattern.  

Since I started it so long ago the batik collection I was using is also older and the newer batiks might be hard to mix in without being obvious.  I counted the pieces I have sewn and I can make 8 points with just 4 pieces per point.  If I want to make a larger star later with newer fabrics I have the printed pieces there in the package.   I think the odds of me ever wanting to make another one are pretty slim though.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Secret project..........

I can finally reveal the secret project I was working on.  My friend has received it and she was totally surprised which is what I planned to happen.  I made this one with 2" squares instead of my usual 2.5" squares.  A few days ago I mentioned going through my batik scraps looking for the perfect pieces and this is the project they were for.  It is just under 17" square.  It is for my friend Diane who convinced me I should have a blog 10 1/2 years ago.  She showed me some basics and then emailed me with suggestions in the first few weeks of my posting.  Her friendship means a lot to me and I wanted her to have her very own colorwash quilt to enjoy.
I showed the back a few days ago when I talked about the folded squares at the corners to use for hanging.  I didn't have the label on or the binding finished in the photo that day.

I quilted this one in the ditch in both directions with 4 different colors of Invisifil thread.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Sashing cut................

I had a busy day yesterday so I only got the sashing cut.  I put a few strips up around the top left block to see how it is going to look with the spacing.  Hopefully I will be able to make a decision on the corner squares today.

I hung this quilt on a backdrop stand so my niece could take a photo of it.  I decided to take one too since most others that I have of it are too dark.  This was taken with natural light from an east picture window.  I have shown it and its story before in this post.  It is also in this post with a picture of the book it is in.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentine's Day.............

I finished the last butterfly blocks last night.  I think this is the final layout but I won't know for sure until I get the sashing strips sewn on.  

The pattern is shown here. It looks like they used the butterfly body fabric for the corner squares but I think I'll go with something more colorful.

The fabrics are mostly Kaffe Fassett's and a few Brandon Mably's.

I don't usually watch all of the winter Olympics but I had to watch Shaun White.....and what a treat it was!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Folded corners...........

This is the first time I have used the squares folded into triangles as the hanging method on a small quilt.  They are on all 4 corners so the rod can be placed on any edge.  This way the recipient can decide which edge is top.  I am still sewing the binding in place in this photo with about half of one edge to go.
I chose the pairs of Kaffe collective fabrics for the final four butterflies.

Two of them are sewn but not pressed.  I will finish the other two today and then decide the order of the blocks on the design wall.

If you are wondering about the pattern it is shown here.