Friday, November 26, 2021

3 more seams..................

 It's not very straight on the wall but you can get the idea, just 3 more long seams to sew.  When I get it done and pressed I'll put it up on the design walls in the basement where I have my extra lighting and get a good photo.

I'm glad I got my yard work mostly done on Wednesday.  It was cold and windy yesterday and night time temperatures dropping into the teens.  I guess I should get my winter coat out of the garment bag in the basement.

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Yard work and prep work.............

I got in a good session of yard work yesterday afternoon.  I raked more leaves onto the lawn and chopped them with the mower.  I emptied 5 pots but still have a couple more to do.

Last night I cut a few more squares to have 17 for the last row of border on the Gridlock quilt.  I think this assortment will work but I can always cut a couple different ones if I need them.  I also fixed the 36 patch block that I wasn't happy with.  Now the serious sewing begins.

I'm still knitting dishcloths while I watch the evening news.  This one started out with 2 small portions left from previous balls of yarn and then I added another yarn that went well with them.  

Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2021

My day yesterday...........

I started out yesterday sending a remote pacemaker reading to the dr. office.  I had an errand downtown next and then I baked a double batch of Kringlas.  I have posted the recipe previously and this is the recipe with buttermilk in it.  I gave my granddaughter suggestions of what I would bake and she chose this one.

Her second choice was frosted creams so I baked them too.  This box full is going into my freezer.  It is a large recipe so there is enough for all of us.

This is the view from my sewing chair.  I have used almost every inch of the double design wall side to side so there wasn't room to put the last row of border on the right edge.  I didn't sew any more, they are just loose on the design wall.  I also have pieces on top of one of the 36 patch blocks covering up the row I'm going to take out.

Today is supposed to be up the 50s again so I hope to get outside and mow over some more leaves.  Chopped leaves are a great nutrient for the grass.

Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Sets of 3 squares...........

I decided one row of squares around the quilt top was enough.  I am starting to sew them in sets of 3 squares to match up with the quilt blocks.  The top 3 sets on both sides are sewn.  The rest of the squares are just loose on the wall.  I can move the sets of 3 around to new places as I finish designing if I see something I'm not happy with.  I might get this top sewn together this week.  I have some baking to do today to send with family to my granddaughter's house 6 hours away. 

Monday, November 22, 2021

Border audition..............


The original Gridlock quilt had a one row border of squares all around it.  I thought maybe a 2 row border would work and would increase the quilt to twin size.  I don't have all of the different colors cut yet for the border but wanted to see whether one row or 2 looks best.  I think maybe the one row is better.  I need to plan this border before I start sewing the quilt top together because 3 border squares are the size of one Gridlock block so they will be sewn in groups of 3 and added on that way in rows instead a long strip made of squares being added last.

I decided to get a pink poinsettia this year.  I'm not sure if I've ever had a pink one before.  I just buy one $5 plant at the big box place and try to keep it alive until January.

It was over 50 degrees yesterday so I mowed to chop the leaves in the backyard.  I hope there will be another warm day to mow again because there are a lot more leaves to rake off the flower beds.  I leave a light covering to create compost.

Sunday, November 21, 2021

Planning ahead..............

My son bought me a red Amaryllis at the hardware store on his way to my house last week.  I opened it last night and found it already growing, tipped to one side to fit in the box.

It even has a second bud starting.  It is awfully pale from being hidden from the light and it will green up quickly now that it is out and planted.

My Amaryllis bulb from last year is in its time out (resting) period now under a box for darkness.  I think I will need to leave it there until the second week of December.  I meant to bring it inside sooner but kept forgetting.

I moved 2 blocks on the Gridlock quilt and cut more squares that will be used as the border around the quilt.  I will start at the bottom edge of the design wall because I can't reach above the top of the blocks that are on it.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Decision time..........

I made the last three blocks for the Marcia Derse fabric Gridlock quilt top.  Now I have to make the decision whether I am going to add a narrow strip into any of the 4.5" strips in the blocks.  The bottom strip on all 4 of the blocks on the left side is a full 4.5" strip with no narrow strips breaking it up.  There are 7 more blocks like that scattered through the other 4 columns.  I moved several of the 36 patch blocks to new positions.  I'm happy with all but the middle block in the second horizontal row.  I don't hate the block but might consider changing a couple strips in it.

I found a new setting on my camera that I think works better for high contrast areas in my quilts.  I changed it from auto to Program and then went into the menu and turned on the Contrast feature from OFF to Auto.  I'm using a Canon Powershot SX150.  The camera before this one was purchased in 2008.  I'm guessing this one was probably purchased between 2012 and 2014.