Thursday, June 13, 2024

Hard work.................

I can't believe it took me almost all day yesterday to prepare 2 huge backings and cut batting.  Well actually I didn't start until after lunch.  This was the larger of the 2 and the backing pieces were 91" long, to press, seam, and cut the excess backing fabric off.  Then press the seam.  The batting was cut off the roll and then refolded the other direction so I could trim off the excess.  The only good part is my Fitbit thought I was walking as I was flinging my arms to keep moving the backing while ironing it, so I call them bonus steps.

Repeat for quilt number 2.  They will be heading off to my longarm friend since they are large.

Yesterday someone said there were several Wanda Hanson accounts on PayPal and she didn't know which one was me.  That lead me to do an internet search for Wanda S Hanson and see if any other ones came up.  Well, I was in for a surprise.  No there weren't any more but there was one thing in the search that intrigued me, "Vintage handmade quilt Wanda Hanson" so I had to click on it.  It was an Etsy shop and the quilt pictured had already been sold.  Now just in case you are going to look this up, remember there weren't quilt shops in the early 70s so quilts were made from scraps on hand, in my case from making clothing for my daughter and several other people when I was a custom seamstress.  Also, be sure you know the current slang that the young folks are using: the word sick is a high compliment.

When I clicked on it the search title I found photos of the quilt and the review from the person who bought it and a reply from the Etsy shop owner.  Click on the little photo of the jacket under the seller's response and read the whole review (the buyer was so excited!).  The buyer gave the Instagram name for her shop so I was able to read the comments and her replies to her readers about the jacket.  She also made a second jacket and used the red convertible block on it.  (I know some of you don't have Instagram accounts so you won't be able to see her entries.) The seller had purchased the quilt at an estate sale in IL.  I always wonder what happens to the older quilts I made.

Wednesday, June 12, 2024

Whittled down....................

I went through the 2 stacks of bold and beautiful that I showed yesterday and whittled the pile down to about half which was 65 floral prints.  Then I went through that pile and whittled it down to 50.  Now I'm ready to start pressing and cutting.....50......fabrics........It will be awhile before I start designing this quilt(s).

Last fall I planted my second try at a red coneflower with a shaggy center.  This one came up and looks healthy.  It also has a lot of buds.

My only concern right now is the lack of red in the buds.  I hope I will see some change as the bud develops into a full bloom.

I pulled out the tag to show you what the blooms looked like last fall.

One Stella D'oro Lily is blooming in one of the backyard gardens.

I planted some Zinnia seeds in a pot.  I hope I won't kill them when I try to transplant some of them.  Or maybe I should just leave them in the pot, saving time and worry.

This year my van, washer and dryer have birthdays ending in 0.  The van is 20 years old, the Maytag dryer is 40 and the Maytag washer is 50 years old.  We bought the washing machine 2 years after we moved into this house.  It has had a few repairs over the years but not many.  My son just put new hoses on it so I hope it lasts a few more years.

Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Sorting and cutting time...................

I could make it a lot easier on myself and just choose 20 fabrics for a quilt, but I know how bored I would get making it.  I have been sorting my floral fabrics (no Kaffe collective) for a few days.  I'm sorting 2 blanket boxes full into 2 groups, bold and beautiful and soft florals.  They won't work well together in a quilt I have in mind.

While I'm sorting I'm also pulling out the pieces that are too narrow to cut 6" finished triangles.  Most will work for 3" triangles though.  I need to divide this pile into the 2 categories too.

I ended up with 2 tall stacks of the bold and beautiful and put the soft florals back in one of the blanket boxes. They filled about 2/3 of the box.  There was one more category which was prints that weren't florals and not appropriate for my project.  They went into the box with the soft florals.  These 2 stacks will now be sorted again into 2 stacks, one that I think is what will really work and the other pile of will maybe work.

The Annabelle Hydrangea blooms are turning white now and then they will go back to  lime green later in the summer.

Yesterday was the first day of not pulling any weeds after a string of one or two sessions a day for about a week.

I bought a couple medium size containers of flowering plants to set in front of the Pansies.  The flowers in one of the pots doesn't have any blooms right now but I'm hopeful.

Every year I plant Begonias in 3 clay pots to set on the pavers by the downspout extension.

The Zinfin Doll Hydrangea is just starting to produce flowers.  They are small now but they will be so big and beautiful soon.

We had a nice cooler day yesterday but it is going to heat up mid-week and then a string of 90s is coming starting Sunday.  Tomorrow sounds pretty nice so maybe I'll do a little more weeding in addition to watering plants.


Monday, June 10, 2024

First quilt top for June 2024

Now all of the seams are sewn and it is officially a quilt top.  It is 40" x 60".  All fabrics are Kaffe collective.  All it needs now is its staystitching around all sides.

Here is a reminder of the pattern which was a larger quilt.  It calls for a jelly roll but I don't buy them so this quilt came from my stash of rotary cut strips.

This is the freebie plant from my local garden center last year.  It had about 6 leaves on it when I got it.  It was in a pot last year and in the fall I planted it in a space where I had removed a Hosta.

It has lots of buds.  It had more than one color flower on it last year.  I forgot to check and see if it was 2 plants planted together last fall so it will be a surprise this year what I get.

The Veronica a/k/a Spike Speedwell is starting to bloom.  I used to have one in the back garden and it was tall and floppy,  I think maybe this one is going to be a shorter plant.

I decided to just move my new yellow Columbine to a larger pot instead of putting it in the ground.  I will probably plant it in the fall.

I put a second de-stash post on my wandafulquilts blog.  I didn't get as much sorted as I wanted to yesterday.  I had to clean out an area for a plumber to come and fix a problem.


Sunday, June 9, 2024

Final layout...................

I finalized the layout yesterday morning and have just 2 more seams to sew on it.  This is the layout photo I took in case any blocks flew off the design wall before I got to the sewing stage.  I had to give up on the idea that no background fabrics would be touching.  Since they are close in value the only way you will see the ones that are next to each other is if you are close to the quilt.

I picked another tomato the day after the first one and they are ripening nicely on the windowsill.  I put the Dr. Pepper can there for perspective.  The small 4th of July variety always ripen before any others because they are small.  They produce all the way into October.

Yesterday my neighbor and his friend (who used to work at my son's shop) came over and trimmed dead branches off my Redbud trees.  I also had 2 big broken branches caught up in one tree, one of them broken since last summer.  I thought maybe they were too high (and also resting on another tree) to get down safely but one guy holding onto the 8' step ladder and the other guy near the top step got the job done.  The little neighbor girls are in my yard often and I didn't want the branches to come crashing down on them.  Now I have a lot more light coming through the trees and a safer yard.

Saturday, June 8, 2024

24 blocks................

There are 24 blocks on the design wall, enough for the size quilt I want to make.  I'm not happy with the layout. The darkest strips are alternated in each block; vertical and horizontal.  There are 4 background fabrics and I'm trying to not have 2 of the same fabric touching.  There are duplicates of 2 fabrics so I don't want those 2 blocks next to each other.  And then.....there are dark blocks and light blocks.  I see 2 blocks with stripes next to each other; one has to be moved.

Another thing that bothers me is that the background fabric that is directional is going 2 different ways. With all of the other things to consider for the layout it is almost impossibe to have then all marching in the same direction.  It would have been easier if I had 10 different background fabrics.  I have at least another day deciding on the layout.  The blocks haven't been pressed yet so maybe I'll do that while I'm moving blocks around.

Friday, June 7, 2024

21 of 24 blocks..................

Since I have 4 background fabrics and both dark and light blocks it has been a challenge to get a good layout.  I need the last 3 blocks to be light blocks.  I might still move a few blocks although I'm pretty happy with the balance right now.  But the more I look at it, the bottom left block may move one space to the left.

Every day I do some weed control in the back garden.  I want to mow the area behind some of the Peonies so last night it was a lot of Creeping Charlie that was 10" tall.  It climbs up to the height of everything around it.

While watching the weather forecast I decided to finish one of the 2 dishcloths that were on the needles.