Saturday, March 25, 2023

4 patches won...........

The main problem with the corner decision is that 2 corners have light outside strips and the other 2 have dark.  If I did triangles there wasn't any way to contrast with the strips and still have all 4 corners alike.  Even the 4 patches had a problem.  To alternate dark/light of the 4 patches with the strips, all four 4 patches would have had to be in the same position and that looked goofy to me.  I needed all four of the 4 patches to have the dark squares pointing out of the corners.   If you look at the top 2 corners, the dark on the left one is joining the dark color strips and the one on the right is contrasting with the light strips.  They only way this would have been easy is if there was an uneven number of blocks in both directions.  This is already 57" x 81", close to my goal size of 60" x 80", so I did not want another row of 12" blocks in both directions.  Really the only thing that matters here is that I am happy with it.  It is going to look so much better when a dark print binding caps off the light strips and gives a consistent color edge on this Australian fabric quilt top.

I also got one of the backings that I had been working on pieced together and loaded on the longarm.  The batting is cut so there should be a finish soon.  I also pressed the 2 large pieces for the other backing.  Dare I hope I'll have 2 finishes soon, like in this month?


Friday, March 24, 2023

Partial border......................

I hoisted this up as high as I could reach and stuck 3 pins in to hold it up there.  The bottom is laying on the floor. 

I got all of the strips for the border sewn on the quilt top.  I left the ends unsewn on the top and bottom borders so I can add the corners.  I originally thought I was going to put 4 patches there.  Now I'm wondering if a square might look better.

I put the narrow strips of a black print on the right side to simulate the binding.  It definitely doesn't look finished without the binding.

I had the iron on yesterday, pressing 2 large pieces for a backing, pressing the Bear Paw top, and pressing the strip sets that made the border strips on this quilt.  I got another backing cut but will press it on another day.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Audition day............

I spent way too much time looking for and playing around with the audition of batik fabrics for the Bear Paw quilt borders.  I'll show them in the order that I tried them.  I was looking for pieces long enough (2.25 yards) to cut the borders lengthwise.

I tried this one first as it would be cut crosswise of the fabric.

Then I placed it as it would be if cut lengthwise.

I found a stripe of many colors that could be cut crosswise but it seemed a little dark.

You can click on the photos for a closer view of the choices.

Then I found a busy print batik with a black background.  It has a lot of colors in it.  There is more orange than shows  here.

I think this one looks a little lighter in person, green, gold, and soft orange.

But wait, I have some long leftover strips from backings and I needed to try them.

This one is about the shade of blue I had been searching for.  I like it with the quilt top.

This one isn't bad either, although a little darker than what I had in mind.

I didn't try the other 2 because I decided they weren't the color that I wanted.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Just 4 more seams.................

Only 4 more seams and a good pressing and then I can audition for the wide border.  On the last Bear Paw quilt I used a blue/turquoise batik and I thought it was a good complement to the warm light colors in the blocks and sashing.  

I chose 2 fabrics for backings of other quilts too.  I just need to cut them to length and sew the 2 pieces together.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Bear Paw progress...........

I took the Australian fabric top off the design wall so I could use it for the Bear Paw blocks.  I started sewing the sashing onto left and top sides of blocks.

I got 2 columns of blocks prepared. They need to be pressed and then I can sew those 2 columns together.

Look at all of the fun in this project box, all Australian fabric scraps.  I need to go through them and organize them by size before I cut some triangles out of the larger pieces.


Monday, March 20, 2023

Working on two..................

The first thing I did yesterday was pair the Australian fabric strips for the border pieces for the current quilt project.

That became my TV time sewing.  Ready for trimming to size and sewing onto the quilt.

I still had a little time left so I sewed cornerstones onto 30 strips for the Bear Paw quilt sashing.

While I waited for the weather forecast on the 10 p.m. news I finished this dishcloth.  It is a departure from the pattern I usually use just for a little variety.

It was 12 degrees Friday morning and supposed to be 50 on Tuesday.  That's spring in our neck of the woods.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Decision made...........

I did a mock up on the design wall with more strips pinned in place and a narrow strip cut to show how the binding will finish it off.  I need to pair the strips that are already cut to make 20 sections and I'll need four 4 patches for the corners.

Yesterday was more thinking and planning.  I have 2 more quilt tops waiting for completion.  The Australian16 patch needs its border and I need to decide how to cut the large print.  The batik Bear Paw is waiting for the sashing and cornerstones.  The sashing strips are all cut.  I need to choose the color for the cornerstones today, whether it will be all one color or several fabrics.  

And of course you know what I want to do.....I want to start another quilt.  But I won't.  I'll work on these 3 to completion.