Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Binding progress and other things...........

I finished the second side of the binding and am halfway done with the third side, no photo, it would just look like the one yesterday.

I had my first Early Girl tomato on my salad yesterday.  I have 2 tiny ones ripening on my windowsill right now.  I hope the others hurry up and start turning color.

The Creeping Bellflowers are starting to bloom.  They are darker purple than they look here.  The camera always wants to make them look pastel.

The Tiger Lilies are 5' tall and now have a few buds starting on them.  They usually bloom around the first or second week in July.

The native Purple Coneflowers have buds but no blooms yet.

I think this plant will look different every day.  It has about 20 more buds to open.

The Black Eyed Susans have buds that should open soon.

Crabgrass grows big and healthy when there is no rain.  There was a nice breeze yesterday but it was still very hot.

I don't need to decide whether to thin out the Zinnias.  Some bugs have eaten them down to skeleton leaves.  I haven't seen any Japanese Beetles but I know they like Zinnias.


Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Binding progress.................

The binding is hand stitched on one and a half sides now.  I did a little in the afternoon and more in the evening.  

I had a couple errands in the morning and then a repairman came to put a new fill valve on my dishwasher.  It had a slow leak.  When he gave me the quote to fix it I had to decide if I would just get a new one or repair this 18 year old one.  When he told me the problems with the new less expensive models and the price on the higher end models I decided to go with the repair.  It has a 1 year warranty on the part and any leak that might happen.  My refrigerator is 19 years old and the stove is 18 years old.

A lot of the blooms are opening on the red fluffy center Coneflower.  This is so exciting since I just planted it last fall.

The petals are the farthest open on this one.

The freebie plant from last year is starting to bloom.  The plant identifier on my phone just calls it Rudbeckia - Black Eyed Susan.  I'm sure it is in the Rudbeckia family but its leaves are fuzzy and the flowers a little more elaborate than the plain Black Eyed Susan.

This is the Hosta directly behind that plant.  It is sending up flower stalks already.  It got up to 93 yesterday and we haven't had any measurable rain for over a week so I watered the whole front garden.  There won't be any mowing grass for awhile because it is so dry.


Monday, June 17, 2024

Binding started....................

Only a small amount of hand stitching was done on the binding of the African and batik mottled 16 patch quilt.  I spent most of the day preparing more items for my destash of fabric on my WandafulQuilts blog.

A couple months ago DuckaDilly Studio had a good sale on their scrap packs of Liberty Lawn fabric.  It is quite pricey so I only buy it on sale.  I have a good stash of it started way back in the early 1990s and I want to make a quilt or 2 from it this year.  I have so much cutting to do for 5 quilts that I know I want to make.  This week will be a good time to work in the basement with the extreme heat outside.


Sunday, June 16, 2024


Only one new bloom outside right now.  This is the one that is identified as Smooth Oxeye or False Sunflower.  It gets about 4 feet tall.  I have lots of it in the back garden but it only has buds back there.  With our four or five 90+ degree days maybe a lot of it will be blooming soon.

The centers of the flowers eventually turn brown.  This is a prairie type plant and grows easily anywhere.

I trimmed both quilts that came back from the longarmer and decided on the lighter of the 2 fabrics I showed yesterday for the binding on the 16 patch quilt.  I didn't have the energy to press it so I'll press and cut today and get busy on finishing that one.  I haven't decided on a binding for the Kaffe one yet.  It's a good thing I have a lot of finishes already this year because I feel like I'm entering the summer slump.....and it isn't officially summer until later this week.

Last evening around 7:30 I took my big clippers around the back of the house and cut off a lot of low branches on the lilac bushes.  I also cut off anything that stuck out and hits me in the face when I'm mowing.  I checked out the tomato plants and made sure the "arms" were sticking out of the proper places on the tomato cages.  I saw a few new tiny tomatoes so there are over 30 green ones back there now.  Two of the plants in the front by the driveway don't get as much sun and I only see blooms on them.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Squirrel or chipmunk?

I had to leave early yesterday morning for an appointment and this is what I found when I got home.  I suspect a sqirrel looking for a place to plant a walnut.

I got 2 quilts back from the longarmer so now I have some binding in my near future.  The top one will have a Kaffe fabric and will be hand finished.  I'm not sure on the one on the bottom.  The backing and half of the fabrics on the front are batik.

I found 2 that might work on the 16 patch.  I don't have very many African fabrics with enough inches for the binding.

Here are more blocks next to the 2 choices.

This is the batik backing.  Only less than 1/2" of the binding shows when finished so I think they are both still contenders.

I picked another tomato a couple days ago and it is turning red.  It was pale orange when I picked it.  I put the can there for perspective for size of the Early Girl tomato.  I also had one yellow Sun Gold cherry tomato ripen and I picked and ate it.  There are 29 green tomatoes on the 8 plants in the backyard.

My little neighbor girls were able to pick one Early Girl tomato off their plant.  The other one I planted for them is the little Sun Gold cherry tomatoes.

Friday, June 14, 2024

An everything else day..................

I left a message earlier this week on my plumber's voice mail and yesterday they finally called back and said they would be here in 10 minutes.  I was pretty sure it was the dishwasher line that was leaking.  He put on a new hose but it was still leaking so he suggested calling an appliance repair person.  I called and they are coming next Tuesday.

The photo is my Veronica which is looking prettier every day.

Good news, the shaggy red coneflower is showing red.  90 degrees and very humid yesterday.

All of the Coneflower buds were facing up to the sun.

So on to the rest of yesterday.  I had 10 minutes to grab a little lunch after lining up the repair person and then my friends arrived to hang a new ceiling fan and caulk my bathtub.

I went out around 7:30 to cut some volunteer trees and limbs on the Forsythia bush.  A front was coming through that would drop the humidity.  We didn't get one drop of rain from the predicted "possible severe storms".  I will need to water plants today.

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Hard work.................

I can't believe it took me almost all day yesterday to prepare 2 huge backings and cut batting.  Well actually I didn't start until after lunch.  This was the larger of the 2 and the backing pieces were 91" long, to press, seam, and cut the excess backing fabric off.  Then press the seam.  The batting was cut off the roll and then refolded the other direction so I could trim off the excess.  The only good part is my Fitbit thought I was walking as I was flinging my arms to keep moving the backing while ironing it, so I call them bonus steps.

Repeat for quilt number 2.  They will be heading off to my longarm friend since they are large.

Yesterday someone said there were several Wanda Hanson accounts on PayPal and she didn't know which one was me.  That lead me to do an internet search for Wanda S Hanson and see if any other ones came up.  Well, I was in for a surprise.  No there weren't any more but there was one thing in the search that intrigued me, "Vintage handmade quilt Wanda Hanson" so I had to click on it.  It was an Etsy shop and the quilt pictured had already been sold.  Now just in case you are going to look this up, remember there weren't quilt shops in the early 70s so quilts were made from scraps on hand, in my case from making clothing for my daughter and several other people when I was a custom seamstress.  Also, be sure you know the current slang that the young folks are using: the word sick is a high compliment.

When I clicked on it the search title I found photos of the quilt and the review from the person who bought it and a reply from the Etsy shop owner.  Click on the little photo of the jacket under the seller's response and read the whole review (the buyer was so excited!).  The buyer gave the Instagram name for her shop so I was able to read the comments and her replies to her readers about the jacket.  She also made a second jacket and used the red convertible block on it.  (I know some of you don't have Instagram accounts so you won't be able to see her entries.) The seller had purchased the quilt at an estate sale in IL.  I always wonder what happens to the older quilts I made.