Saturday, September 4, 2021

Good start for the month..........

My plan for this month is to get several of the small quilts quilted.  This one was 40" wide so I didn't need to piece a back for it.  I needed to put a new needle in the longarm and sometimes it takes some adjusting after getting it in (round top needle so positioning isn't always right the first time).  I was lucky this time to get it on the first try and also my Superior Rainbows thread worked without any breakage.  I had tried it with the last 2 needles and it was shredding and breaking so I gave up on it.

This one has the Kaffe clouds fabric on the back and was quilted with loops.

Since this one was only 30" wide and also didn't need a pieced back I got it on the longarm right away and it is quilted too.  Both quilts used the same color top and bobbin threads and I only needed one bobbin for both.  I got them both trimmed before I turned out the lights and called it a day.

This is the backing fabric on the smaller one.  I have had this fabric for over 30 years.  I bought it in several colors and made my first granddaughter a dress with the blue version of it.  She turned 34 two days ago.  This gray background and the blue one are sateen fabric.  I had it in beige and apricot too and one of them was regular fabric.  I always loved this print.  It reminds me of England and Peter Rabbit illustrations.  There is no name on the selvage so I don't know who designed or produced it.

This is the whole Zinnia patch in the front of the raised tomato bed.  Some flowers are teeny tiny but on tall stems and others are the size I am used to.

This is one of the larger blooms with multiple layers.  I see I caught a bug on it too.

And for a little more sunshine here is a Cosmo.



Dorothy said...

I love that backing fabric--even if it's "old". My zinnias were sort of a bust this year. But then I used seeds that were 2 years old, so what could I expect? Better luck with "old" fabric, than with "old" seeds :-)

Julierose said...

What lovely smaller quilts--those backings are beautiful--especially that flowery one...great you got them done...hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

It looks like you are off to a great September. The happy yellow flowers put a smile on anyone’s face.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Love that "English, Peter Rabbit" reminder fabric. Could use more like that. As for your thread, I had lots of problems using Superior King Tut and some of those lovely Sulky variegated threads in my longarm and was reminded that some threads require the big size needle because the scarf on the needle needs to be wide enough to accommodate the thread, even though it will go through the eye of smaller needles. That was a good tip. It doesn't seem to be an issue on my domestic machines, just the longarm. Love your flower pics!

JJM said...

Charismatic tops with backings to match, both look very ‘summery’ and comforting. And your splashes of golden blossoms added to a lovely post today, Wanda.