Tuesday, August 9, 2022

More wonderful rain..............

We had another rainy day with light rain for several hours yesterday.  We got another 1" in the rain gauge.  These 2 days of rain were the first measurable rain in 2 weeks so we were ready for it.

While it rained outside I quilted this quilt in my cool basement.  The backing is an old Brandon Mably, maybe from his first line.

It may look like black and white on the longarm but it is really a beige background with charcoal gray dots. 

I figured a meander would work fine since you can barely see the quilting on all of the Kaffe collective prints.

I needed a little more than one width so I added this Dahlia strip left over from another backing.

Trimmed and ready to bind.

I kept at it and cut binding and sewed it on too.  I'll have the full quilt shot and specs on tomorrow's post.

The Sedums loved the rain and are in their early bloom now.  There are 2 different kinds here that look pretty much alike until they get to this stage.  Once the flowers turn the fall rosy red they look a lot alike again.

The Moss Roses loved the rain too.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is amazing sometimes how the colors will not be true on a computer screen, the backing looks black and white on mine too. I love those plants - I must look for them in the spring - I am assuming you plant them in the spring not the fall - but I will look this fall just in case.

Julierose said...

Those sedums are so pretty in bloom--nice that you have had that refreshing rain--still nary a drop here! At 7:30 a.,. it already 78 with 75 DP!!
Those backing prints look so pretty together...stay cool hugs, Julierose

Linda Swanekamp said...

Wonderful quilt finish! Glad you got that much rain to ease the heat and drought.

Anonymous said...

Love this quilt! I say this over and over, but will repeat again…isn’t it great how we can take such simple shapes and turn them into amazing quilts!
Your sedums are so pretty…mine haven’t done as well this summer… but that has happened before, and then they make a comeback the next year.
We are finally getting some much needed rain every few days. It usually comes in the form of downpours, but we will take it!
Sandra B

patty a. said...

Yeah another quilt done! Love that dotted print you used on the back - so fun! It is sprinkling here still. I have only been watering the marigold seedlings, the lavender, cora bells and coneflowers. Now everything got a drink.

JJM said...

Enjoyed seeing the progression steps of the finishing of this pretty quilt.

So jealous of all your rain.


Anne Ibach said...

I love getting to see more close up photos of your quilts. The fabrics in this one are so gorgeous! and I've never seen that backing. Must be an old one.

Your rain sounds lovely. It would be nice to have a couple of rainy days.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

The quilt is so pretty. I love all your fabric choices! It's a happy quilt.
Glad you got rain. We have not had appreciable rain in so long. We have a chance every day, but so far not here. Perhaps tomorrow!