Friday, August 26, 2022

Four plus six.................

I cut both size blocks from the same fabrics.  Here is the first batch.

And the second batch.  I'm not sure about that orange and purple print but it will probably be OK in the mix when I get it to the design wall.  I have a few more to sew before I will turn on the iron.  I need to cut a few more strips of the Aboriginal Dots too for branches.  I don't have much contrast on some of these.

Some no reply blog commenters have asked if there was a pattern for this block.  It is Anne's original directions on SpringLeaf Studios blog.  You can do a search for Arboretum quilt and find it.

The double Impatiens on the left made a compete comeback after bugs ate all of the leaves earlier this summer.  A squirrel has been digging in the pot with the Begonias in it.  I have to keep tucking them back in.

We got another inch of rain yesterday, most of it early in the morning and then another shower late afternoon.  I didn't think we were going to get this storm so I had watered all of the pots the night before.


Julierose said...

You will have so many pretty tree blocks to choose from...such pretty prints...hugs, Julierose

Mary Ellen said...

I love the tree blocks!

JJM said...

Each block you create is a surprise of fabric combinations. And they always work !

You sure get lots of nice summer rains. Its been so unseasonably hot here, spider mites got into my marigolds and killed everyone.
I blamed the nursery for contaminated plants, but maybe it was the heat, or both. In all my years I’ve never seen this before.


sewyouquilt2 said...

Your. Blocks are gorgeous

Anne Kirby said...

Freaking squirrels. And something ate my impatiens too! I saved 1 and it's starting to bloom again. The other 1 they ate down to the ground. I suspect the lanternfly nymphs. And I am enjoying watching your forest emerge.