Friday, December 14, 2007

Playtime and finishing things

I found a box of 2" squares of Christmas fabric that I cut a long time ago, I think in 1998 when my daughter's family travelled here for Thanksgiving. I cut some for her and some for me. Most years I couldn't find the squares when I looked for them, so they didn't get used. I decided to make some table centerpiece mats, the kind that you set something on so the pattern isn't really important because it will be partially covered up. I like the checkerboard idea so the plan was to have every other piece be green or black and the ones to fill in would be lights and reds. The first one (bottom in picture above) I did the lights in the center and the reds around it, on the second it is totally random. Picture below shows a closeup of the fabrics used. the finishing department, I finished this small quilt which is a store sample for my local sewing machine store. Pattern: Candy is Dandy.
Below is a close up of the fabrics, almost all Kaffe Fassett and batiks.
I ditch quilted the whole thing first and then came back and did wavy line free motion following the pattern of the blocks. I used light variegated in the light areas and rainbow variegated in the darker areas.
I did one more batch of cookies, a soft sugar cookie with frosting and sprinkles and a batch of fudge. I delivered a couple boxes of them yesterday, and kept testing them to make sure they are OK. I think I am officially sugared up already.


Vicki W said...

Dandy indeed! I love it!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Sugared up? Great word choice that made me think of kids the day after all the Halloween candy is consumed. I am chuckling and absolutely positive that your exuberance is NOT from sugar! (but Candy is Dandy is such a great title for a very lively quilt)

The Calico Cat said...

I love Candy is Dandy. Is it a newly finished quilt? I saw the author on Simply Quilts - in hind sight she wished that the edge was not bias as time has created ripples by gravity, etc.

meggie said...

Love that Candy! Much nicer than the real thing!
Your Christmas quilts are lovely too.
Does your daughter quilt too?

Melody Johnson said...

O O O O !!!! I love that Candy quilt. How big is little?

Cindra said...

Just gorgeous. It looks yummier than a jar fully of jelly bellies! What is the size?

Michael5000 said...

Good heavens, you keep up a scorching pace. I can't believe how many projects you've knocked off since I started reading this blog.

I've had the experience a few times of finding pieces cut years ago for Project A, and coming up with Project B to use them up. Highly gratifying.

Happy Christmas if I don't have another chance to check in!