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Friday, October 24, 2008

Well I'll be darned

Blogger just loaded my pictures in reverse order! How dare they! I won't move them because then they aren't clickable. Oh well. Here is the scene in my back yard at lunch time yesterday. So now I have to type the process in the reverse order. Here is what I am working on, with partial seams.

And here it is with the upper left sewn together, upper right sewn together, and lower right partially sewn.

And here it is before the upper left was completely sewn.

And this should have been the first picture, pieces up on my design wall just overlapped and waiting for me to need the design wall for my art quilters on Monday next week. I was forced to either dismantle it or sew it. I chose to sew it. Now if just scroll up the screen, you will see the progress.
I haven't decided how to handle the last partial seams yet. I need to make the decision soon though because I do need the design wall to be empty.


Tine said...

Your work is fantastic! I just recently found your blog, and I am finding myself back here all the time to look at the beautiful quilts! Wish I lived near you, so I could take one of your classes!

Catherine said...

Blogger did that with my photos yesterday and today -- and I moved them. They're still clickable. I guess they're making some changes -- again.
I love your blocks. Love, love, love them. Whatever you do with them it's going to be fantastic! The colours make me smile the minute I look at the photos.

Anonymous said...

Another creative design that has been much fun watching your progress.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Whatever order they ended up in, the new piece is wonderful... just love watching you work!

Kristin L said...

This is so beautiful and energetic. You've done such a fantastic job of pairing simplicity (just strips, one color scheme) and complexity (change in scale, number of colors, etc.).

Emma said...

I never knew moving them was why mine weren't clickable!

Clare said...

This has got to be one of your best. Just how much batik fabric have you got?

Twila Grace said...

Wow, this piece really pops! I love the darks coming through almost as black. Lovely.

Joyce said...