Saturday, December 9, 2023

Working at turtle speed........

While I was in the basement doing laundry I threw the backing for I Spy 2 in the dryer with a dampened paper towel to get the wrinkles out. I will still have to press the center creases out.  I got the seam sewn and I'll trim the width before I load it on the longarm.

While I was down there I also cut this flannel backing for I Spy 1.  Hopefully I'll get it pressed and seamed today.

A church in my little town has opened a thrift shop so I took 2 boxes and 5 bags full of things to them.  I have been cleaning closets for over a year and it was great to not have to drive 2 towns away to the next nearest thrift shop to donate.

Last night I spent a little while hand stitching the binding on the batik star quilt and did about 45".



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is nice to have a thrift shop near by to donate. I have at least 3 bags gathered up and could easily fill 2 more I bet and need to do that soon. The store I donate to is 15 miles from me so need to plan to do that soon and get the closets empty of those bags taking up space.

Mary said...

45 inches of binding doesn't sound like turtle speed to me.

JustGail said...

You must buy the *good* paper towels! :-) The ones I have would have turned into a mess. I have used a damp flour cloth towel, it does work well to take out wrinkles.

Aieeee... cleaning closets (and drawers, and bins, and...) is a project I've put off for years. Who knows what "treasures" I might find in some of those boxes not opened in years? But yeah...except for the local quilt group who would take quilt fabrics for their charity projects, it's an hour drive to find a thrift to take things to. And where to store things while getting enough to make the trip worthwhile?

If you work at turtle speed, I must work at Iowa Pleistocene snail speed. IIRC, they only move about 20 feet in their entire lifetime.

Julierose said...

Great that you have that thrift shop to bring your donations to; we have to drive quite a distance for ours Nice blue backing fabric--pretty color.

If you are a turtle then I am a snail hahaha--I did make 2 (4") Ojos blocks yesterday with my few reds and greens strips...they take really narrow ones as the squares are so small...but it is fun using up those really small bits...
Hoping to make a couple more today--as I said a "true snail";)))

[I realized there are a lot of finicky seams in just one little blocks...duh!!]
hugs, Julierose

Georgia1937 said...

Going into fabric store in South Florida, I find it difficult to find fabrics for I SPY quilts or even throws. I don't want TV characters because my two children, who have young children, don't allow them any TV at all. I'm looking for recognizable images - cow, car, house, horse, cup, plate - you get the idea. It may be that people down here don't sew too much so there's a limited selection. ):

JJM said...

Nice backing for ‘I Spy 1’. And love the playful backing for ‘I Spy 2’

Nice way to end your day with some hand stitching on the binding. That is one huge quilt and 45” is a lot on the size of that quilt.

I’m in the “what I want to do and what I can do” stage of my life. And have learned to accept it, kinda… I always admire all you accomplish every day.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Well, it sounds like a lot of progress to me- stuff out, backings ready!

Barbara Anne said...

Turtle speed is better than no speed at all! You're usually a whiz at getting tops made and finished, so do please be gentle with yourself!
Cute backing fabric for the next quilt!
How wonderful to get your donated items out of the house and to a near-by donation center!


Patty said...

I had a turtle day today too. Got the grocery shopping done then sat down cross stitched a bit and fell asleep. Stitch a bit more and fell asleep again. I finally got moving about 4 PM and quilted fabric for 8 placemats. Better than nothing! LOL!