Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Busy day.............

Yesterday started with cleaning up from baking the night before.  Then I had to get the last supplies I needed for the treats that I make for family.  It was 28 degrees with a 30 mph wind when I left for the stores.

When I got home my mail was there.  I was so excited to get a Christmas postcard from Vicki Welsh.

I was surprised there was no postmark.  I think these have to be hand cancelled so my card was missed.

Here is the whole collection of the postcards.

I only got one treat baked, one of my 2 recipes of Kringlas.

I was too tired to bake anything else last night so I worked on the Rosy quilt.

All of the holes are filled in now but I'm sure this isn't the final layout.  Next to cut are 3" and 2" finished squares for the 2 borders.  I'm still considering taking out more of the dark 6" squares.  I started out with a pile of squares that were cut several years ago.  I think I can find some more lighter fabrics to use.

Hopefully I'll get to this project today.



Julierose said...

Busy days with all your special baking:)))
I love how "Rosy" is coming together...
40 degrees here and sunny; we plan a walk by the Oceanside later this morning...on our way home from some errands.
Hoping to make a few more crumb blocks later on...tired out after yesterday's
events...have fun baking--hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that was cold for going out - I really don't miss that cold of weather from when we lived in the northern states the first 28 years of my life! it is cold here today and I woke up to 31 but I know that when I get ready to leave for Little Rock at 10 that it will be in the 40's by then.
The cookies look wonderful and so does the quilt

Mary said...

Cold weather is good weather for baking. Your family is going to love the treats! I may do some baking Wednesday.

Julie S said...
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Julie S said...

"Cordless Cookie Press"??? Is this think battery operated??? Hee Hee! I'm only familiar with the manual ones.... :)

JJM said...

Vicki Welsh card and your awesome collection of them was a treat to see. She is one creative lady ! And how they make it through the mail so well always amazes me.

Your wind didn’t even slow you down with your shopping, more baking and working on the additions to your quilt was quite a Monday for you. .


Barbara Anne said...

What festive fabric postcards you've received and I love them, one and all!

The layout for the new quilt looks fine to me but you're the one with the good color sense!

Your Kringlas look scrumptious and I, too, and very interested in your cordless cookie press. How long have you had it and do you like it? Mine is corded and ancient (newer than my mother's though!), and last year I looked for new one but they were not plentiful on Amazon. Thanks for any information you can share.


Patty said...

Oh my you were brave to go out in that temp with those winds! The wind chill had to be in the low teens! We got a couple inches of heavy, wet snow last night. The trees did look pretty. I know your family will appreciate all the treats. The quilt top is coming along nicely. That postcard is so beautiful. I haven’t received mine yet.

Vicki W said...

I'm glad your card arrived in good shape! Good luck with all of your Christmas baking.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Your 'rosy' quilt is looking great, love the green focus. And a very creative selection of festive cards.