Monday, September 25, 2023

15 more blocks...............

There is nothing too exciting to look at from yesterday.  I sewed 15 more of the duplicate blocks for the African and mottled batik 16 patch quilt.

Outside: I mowed the grass.  We had rain on 4 different days last week so the grass was wet most of the week and the grass was getting tall.  It took 58 minutes total, in 2 sessions so I didn't overheat.  The neighbor north mowed too and also the lady across the street.  Now the south neighbor better catch up with all of us.

Today I hope I can quilt the top that is loaded on the longarm.



Julierose said...

We are having quite the spate of rainy weather here; pouring away this morning again.
Pretty blocks in the making there;))) Good that you took your time and rested with the mowing...hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we will need to cut soon - the inch and a half of rain we had plus back in the high 80's for the next 8 days or so is going to cause grass to grow again.

Nann said...

Do you use a grass catcher on your mower or do you leave the clippings on the lawn? I do the former so it's a race to get the yard waste bins to the street for Friday pickup. We've endured bang-clattle-rollllll for days as acorns rain down on the roof. It's what they call a good mast year (mast being the acorns and other seeds).

Have you cut into the new Marcia D fabric or are you admiring it for the time being?

Barbara Anne said...

What great progress on the 16 Patch blocks and I hope you get the quilt on the long-arm quilted today, too.