Thursday, January 3, 2008

The value of variety of value (that's a lot of v's)

There wouldn't be anyway to convince some people that a stash is necessary. They will only buy for a project and are at the mercy of the limited selection a quilt shop has on any given day. Of course if their projects only have 3-5 fabrics that isn't a problem. Try shopping for 100 florals for a colorwash on one day at one quilt shop. When I would give the colorwash one piece at a time class I would always get the resistance from a couple people with, I don't like light fabric, or I don't like dark fabric, just give me the medium values. That is what you see above, and I have to admit it is pretty, but from a is mush. Below I have added the light values which gives it a little more interest.
Then I add the dark mediums. I'm liking it better.
And finally with all of the darks in there the piece glows. I put this example up on the wall today for in progress shots, in 15 minutes or less. It definitely needs tweaking if I was going to sew it. All of these squares are from the 116 pc. kit on my blog-shop.
The point I am trying to make is that with a full range of value, the pattern of the quilt will show up. With fabrics in a "too close" value range, you will see none or very little pattern from a distance. To be sure you have values that separate and that will enhance each other, you need to step 8 feet away from the selection of bolts at the store, as if you were viewing the quilt from the doorway of the bedroom. Mix the bolts up in different arrangements to be sure you like each bolt against each other bolt.


The Calico Cat said...

Neat... I am one who leaved the value of value late in my quilting career. Even so my first scrappy quilt that ignored value is a favorite. (I used all yellows & all blues instead of light, medium, & dark, so I have some high & some low contrast. The background was scrappy white & cream) BTW I would love to read a post of contrast...

meggie said...

Your posts are treasures Wanda.

Denise Aumick said...

You are the Queen of Color - no doubt about it!

Anonymous said...

I agree Wanda ~ you are "Queen of Color"~ Your eye for color wash patchwork just blossoms into a grand garden. I smiled with your statment... "from a distance it turns into MUSH".... That will stick with me as I begin to assemble my kit from your blog.


Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda
I have looked at this quilt for a long time now and I would like to have a go at making it. Do you have the pattern for sale as I know it would be a challenge for me and do you email the patterns. You make beautiful quilts and I wish I had your talent.
Thank you
Bron Sargent
5 Waitohi Street
New Zealand