Thursday, June 1, 2023

May 2023 monthly recap....................

Two finishes again for May.  That makes 10 so far this year.  On the left is Kaffe fabric Rail Fence baby quilt, 38" x 52".  On the right Pink Twisted Ribbons, fabrics from many years of collected stash, 35" x 48".

Two new quilt tops, numbers 16 and 17 for the year so I'm still having too much fun making new quilt tops and dragging my feet quilting and finishing them.  On the left Pastel Diamonds is 49" x 72.5".  On the right Prints and Solids: Stars, 63" x 72".

For my own record, this top was finished yesterday, 63" x 72".  30 of the blocks were finished previously so I just needed to make 26 more.  Over half of the blocks have conversation prints and all of the blocks have solid star triangles.  I started making a series of solids and prints quilts, inspired by Lynn's quilts, in 2019.  She has a label for Solids on Prints Series on her label list.  I have totally completed 2 in my series, Zipper and Framed 9 patch.  I finished my postage stamp top (another label on Lynn's blog) and have 2 more sets of blocks started.

I tried one more time to get the camera to capture the pink of the Dianthus in the backyard garden.  This is the closest I have gotten but I think they are just a little darker than this.


Libby in TN said...

The pink twisted ribbon quilt is my favorite!

Julierose said...

I also love the Pink Twisted Ribbons quilt a lot;)))
You have really been moving along finishing 2 per month;))
58 this morning here and sunny, but still hazy from smoke.
Hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you got a lot done I think, you get a lot of tops to the quilting stage for sure

Barbara Anne said...

What wonderful quilts and quilt tops! My hat is off to you and I wonder if you'll share some of your energy with me, pretty please?


MissPat said...

Pink Twisted Ribbons is one of my favorites. I can see why it was tricky getting the layout right, but it makes a stunning finish.

Marnie Haines said...

Hi Wanda,
You did it again! Such a creative and lovely group of quilts. I'm partial to the pale diamonds, calm on these exceptionally hot days. Congratulations on another productive month. Marnie

JJM said...

I always enjoy your monthly recaps and this month was no exception. Your daily pace always astounds me and keeps me entertained.