Sunday, June 25, 2023

It was hot..................

Yesterday was the first birthday party for my newest great-grandson.  It was an outside party and they only time I checked the temperature it was 90.  The only thing that made it halfway comfortable was the low humidity and a very light breeze.

The heat hasn't bothered my hanging pots in the back yard yet.  I water them when I water my tomato plants back there.

My native Purple Coneflowers are getting ready to bloom.  There seems to be a lot of them in the back garden this year.  This photo was taken at 8 p.m. so the color is pretty subdued.

I was wilting however from the heat so I didn't get very far in my fabric sorting adventure.  This purple bin is next in line.

This is one of the fabrics in the bin.  It was the Hoffman Challenge fabric in the Turquoise colorway in 1988 or 89.  Here is the post with my entry in the contest.  



Julierose said...

I'll bet it was a fun party for your grandson...nice that it was good weather for it!
Nice hanging pot flowers--pretty pink...
67 early this morning and very foggy--socked in here!
Hugs, Julieorse

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have an outside event to go to next week and although it will be nice to see everyone I dread sitting around in the heat. In the north do you have trouble with whitefly getting on your coneflowers? here they seem to love my coneflowers and tiger lilies - they leave a white sticky substance on the stems and if you don't spray the tops of the plants will just go limp.

JJM said...

I can just imagine your heat and to have had it so early and for so long. Wish I could send you some of our cool mountain air.

I did go back to your post with zebra’s… so full of creativity and purple . I can see why it made a year one journey of ‘show ‘n tell’
Just Stunning !


JJM said...

I meant turquoise not purple. On your Hoffman challenge.

Barbara Anne said...

I, too, love the Zebra quilt you make for the Hoffman Challenge and well done that it was selected for the touring group of quilts they sent to quilt shows that year!

Heat and high humidity are wicked in combination so am glad the humidity was low at your GGS's 1st birthday party. Did he put his hand in the frosting?!

What delicious purples await you. Yum!


Patty said...

Your hanging pots are very pretty! The humidity was down today but it was hot. 87 was the high here. I bet there are a lot of fabulous purple pieces in that bin!