Wednesday, May 24, 2023

More star blocks.................

I got sidetracked in the basement yesterday and never turned on the iron.  I spent a few hours going through boxes of "stuff".

In the afternoon I cut the print part for 8 more star blocks and got them sewn last night. The little mouse in the green suit kept showing up in the upper right block.

I dismantled my large Mother's Day bouquet yesterday and one lone rose still looked good enough to save for a couple more days.  The little red pitcher is 3.5" tall and the rose is 5" across.  All of the Daisies were still good so I have a bouquet of them.  There was one stem of Lily buds and 2 blooms that are fading that I put in another vase.  I'm not sure if the buds will open but I thought it was worth saving them.

The smallest tomato plants have grown quite a bit since I put them in the ground. This one is SunGold cherry tomato.

There are tiny yellow flowers in my backyard lawn.  Maybe those are the wild Strawberries.  There are lots of Violet plants in the lawn too.  It's all green and covers the dirt so it's ok with me.


Gene Black said...

Nice stars. Do you know if the little mouse in the green suit fabric is by Heather Ross?

Julierose said...

I really like those star blocks-- (that little green mouse fabric is so cute).
I have wild violets coming up all over in my front garden spot...DH thinks of them as weeks--not me--I love them.
Colder this morning--47 and still smokey skies from those Can. wildfires in evidence. Hoping to get a little stroll in this morning to loosen up my back after my fall;000
Hugs, Julierose

Nann said...

The app calls it mock strawberry, a species of cinquefoil, aka false strawberry. I have sown vegetable seeds but will buy tomato plants this week. This week is the same as previous years -- a few warm days at the end of May and then a brief chill, then back to warmth.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the tomatoes grow so fast once you put them in the ground don't they. I have so many and hope they will all do well. I love wild violets for the same reason - they cover the dirt and it looks pretty

JJM said...

All your prints with your stars are so I fun to see, apples, bricks, confetti squares, butterflies and the cute lil mouse. These blocks are so unique. Love them all.

I too like to save the few live blossoms of a beautiful bouquet until the very end.


Barbara Anne said...

The fabrics you've chosen for your stars will make for a fun and interesting quilt for whoever receives it when finished.

We have lots of volunteer clover, wild strawberries, and something akin to wild buttercups that the bees and deer love. Happily, I've seen honey bees after not seeing any for far too long.