Friday, May 12, 2023

Busy day...............

Yesterday morning I planted my three porch pots.  I did them almost identical, with 2 having one color of Petunias and the 3rd one with a different color Petunia.  I love red Geraniums but decided on all pink and purple for most of the plants.

The box of batting cut away pieces was still sitting open in the basement so I opened the other box that has narrower pieces in it and pieced 3 more battings.  These will all be for quilts around 55" the long direction which will mostly be baby quilts.  I will go through the pieces one more time and see if there are any I can add to make some of these pieces larger. 

In the early evening I dug out one Sedum plant and enlarged the hole and planted my 2 new Columbines.  To the right and front of them is the burgundy color Columbine that was in a container for many years and finally planted in the ground last year.  It is doing well and has buds already.

For the last 3 years I have planted one tomato plant for the little neighbor girl who loves tomatoes.  I bought 3 larger plants, one of which is hers.  There are 2 little tomatoes on this plant.  I set them outside every day to let the insects do their job pollenating.  Then I bring them inside the garage at night.  We are supposed to have rain today so that should make the soil easier to dig in so I can get them planted.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

pretty pots of plants. I know I have a couple small tomatoes growing but I haven't looked real closely to see how many. I started a pack of seeds kind of late of yellow tomatoes and they are now a good size to plant and I need to figure out where.
Next year might be the year to make some baby quilts or wall hangings to use up the small batting's that I put together early in the year a lot of those are about 55 inches also.

Julierose said...

Gorgeous containers on your front porch--so welcoming;)))
Almost 70 degrees here this morning--we are going to have some warm days for a bit now. Everything is popping!! Our new little Rhodie is sending forth raspberry colors--so pretty. Hugs, Julierose

JJM said...

Such a fun and welcoming front porch. Love the arrangements in your pots and pansies too. A friend gave me a pack of pansies with the ruffled petals and I am enjoying them so much… Its been a few years that I’ve had pansies at my door… And your busy day sure shows up in your photos.


Barbara Anne said...

You certainly have been busy!

You'll be glad to have made the larger batting from the smaller bits and your front porch and garden look so welcoming. How kind to grow tomatoes for your enjoyment and an additional plant for your little neighbor! She may have tomato plants wherever she lives as she grows up because you've taught her that the best tomatoes are home grown and are not from the grocery store.


Patty said...

The porch pots are so pretty! I need to get mine planted. I think we all have a stack of batting cut offs. I have been using them for placemats but I have a couple bigger pieces that if I add a little bit they will be big enough for a baby quilt.

Vicki W said...

I love getting new "free" batting from cutoffs. Your porch pots are beautiful!