Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Early Peonies and more.............

The earliest Peonies to bloom are always the same plant.  In the morning on Sunday they were tight buds and by evening there were a couple blooms. Yesterday I discovered a bunch of blooms.

None of the other Peonies are opening yet but after two 80+ degree days and another today they might start.  This plant has lots of buds yet to open.

I finished the layout of the pastel quilt and sewed it all together last night while I watched TV.  While working on the layout I gave up on the idea of not having the same fabric near itself since there are so many repeated fabrics.

I worked on the clean up of the basement for a couple hours, lots more to do.

I showed a "golden hour" photo of a Columbine a couple days ago so I took another photo of what it really looks like in normal light and made a collage photo.

I have been pulling out the Spiderwort little by little each year and I only see a few plants left in the garden.

My Canna bulbs are planted in a pot and I did one small garage pot with Snapdragons.  I still have 2 more pots to do with Coleus.



Linda Swanekamp said...

Gorgeous flowers. My tree peony is in full bloom and this year, it is great even with the harsh, long winter- maybe because of it. It is quite craggy and hardy. The columbines are full this year also. I have been taking photos, just not getting them posted. Hope to do that this weekend.

Julierose said...

The color change in the golden light time is amazing isn't it?

Your pastel quilt is coming together so beautifully.

Only 53 this morning and not expected to rise above 61 all day long--back to early Spring temps here--this is why gardeners don't plant tender crops before the 31st of May around this area.
Hugs, Julierose

Patty said...

The color of the peony is spectacular! The pastel quilt is so beautiful! I did see a few lily of the valley flowers last night when I was watering. Right now I have nothing else blooming.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the peony are gorgeous flowers. Sounds like there was a lot to move upstairs.

Quiltdivajulie said...

The colors in the peonies and columbines are just perfect with your newly finished quilt top!

JJM said...

So nice to see your garden blossoming plants as spring moves along.

Our bitter cold temps this winter took several of my plants, and surprised me as to what made it through also.


Barbara Anne said...

Your flowers are glorious! Might I assume one of your favorite color combinations is pink and green?!

Oh, you know I look forward to seeing this sweet pastel quilt up on the design wall. Borders ... yes or no? Well done in getting the blocks sewn together in one day!!