Tuesday, May 16, 2023

6 more blocks plus test block................

Yesterday afternoon I decided to cut a test block with my Schoolhouse die.  This was a test for the one way design (beige print) to check how it would look with one piece turned the other direction.  Also I'm checking if I like 2 colors or might like 3 or 4 colors better, sky one color, windows another color and light pieces in the building another color.  Maybe even a different color roof and/or chimneys.  It will take a lot of planning to cut the pieces of fabric to place on the die.  

Last night I made the last 6 half rectangle blocks and will save the extra parts in case I want to add half blocks to the rows to increase the width.  I'll make that decision after I press the blocks and get to the design wall.

I added one more little bouquet on the kitchen windowsill.  Lily of the Valley is pretty with a nice scent but it is also a pest totally taking over my back garden.  It is choking out other plants and impossible to completely dig out.

So I will enjoy this little bouquet and pretend everything is OK.

Here is the top view of the floral arrangement from my grandson. There are 2 yellow roses (that I found when I turned the basket around) in the mix.

Almost all of the Coral Bells are sending up flower stalks now.  This is one of my favorites.

These leaves are a purple and green mix and I don't remember what color the little flowers are.  I should know soon.

This is another one that I really like.  It is over by my Hydrangea and Columbines.  This is a test place to see if it can take the amount of sun that is in the spot.  Really my front gardens are all an experiment yet.  This is year 3 so I may replace some plants with others that might do better.

The flowers on this Cranesbill are really a bright fuchsia instead of this paler color.  I have 2 of these plants in the front garden and they do too well there.  I had to dig out half of one of them last year because it spread out so far.

I did some digging yesterday.  I dug out the huge hosta that was in front of my new Hydrangea bush and dug Dandelions out of the are where my tomato plants will go.  That was enough for one day.  


Julierose said...

Lovely flowers and plants--such pretty leaves on the coral bells;))
58 here and overcast--still getting smoke from Canadian wildfires...
hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have lily of the valley growing also in numerous places in the yard. I started it in just one area of course and now it is all over scattered here and there - it doesn't matter to me though because of the way the front is not a formal area. I can't dig it up either it would be too hard to do that.
Let me know how you like the school house die - I have not really thought of getting it but just curious

Quiltdivajulie said...

I grew up loving lily of the valley - my dad HATED it (my mom loved the smell and that it both of us girls happy). So . . . once married, I wanted to grow some in our first yard. DH put his foot down and said NO due to the invasive nature. So now I enjoy photos and my memories of childhood.

JJM said...

Such a grand post today Wanda ~ with more rectangle blocks. . . . . school house looks challenging but I know not to you., its just plain fun for you. Looking forward to see what you decide to create with them.

So enjoyed your colorful garden tour of all your plants, and each one so pretty on its own.

Lilly of the valley brings back childhood memories for me also. Evasive or not, I Love them.


Barbara Anne said...

Like ivy, lily of the valley needs to be in a pot!

I so look forward to seeing your new blocks on the wall but understand gardening uses up energy and limits sewing time.

For whatever odd reason, house and asymmetrical blocks have never appealed to me. Go figure.


Patty said...

I haven’t seen any flowers on my lily of the valley. Your Cora bells are beautiful! I looked at the ones you sent me and one is getting big! Love the schoolhouse block. I haven’t pieced any that I can remember but I have a cross stitch piece I made many years ago with red schoolhouses.