Thursday, August 9, 2007


The decisions were all made, the top is sewn together. Closeup of some of the fabrics I used this time.
What is laying on the table, Oh Boy!!!!!!!! I have almost enough left for another project. I know what I was missing in combinations this time so I know where to start making more strip sets.
I made these out of leftovers while I was waiting to make the final decisions on my quilt design.
Fronts and backs.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Do you have a pattern for the journal covers or did you just "wing it" ?? They are WONDERFUL!!

Love the quilt top - and I especially love the photo of all the leftover pieces. So many colors and opportunities there!

Joyce said...

The quilt top is wonderful. Nice to have enough pieces for another on. The journal covers are also cute. Love your fabrics.

Elsie Montgomery said...

I too am interested in the journal covers. Also, thank you for sharing what you are doing. I keep saying this, but your posts make me head to the sewing room!

bless you!

Diane said...

Oops, I spotted a mistake in your quilt top. Just kidding! The quilt is fabulous. The journals are great too!

meggie said...

More bright joy! And the journal covers are great too.

Jeanne said...

The quilt is just beautiful.