Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Flannel quilts

A few years ago I made flannel quilts for almost every member of my immediate family, children and spouses and grandchildren. Would you believe I don't have pictures of any of them?

This quilt is one that the top was finished with a class about 4 years ago but it just got basted early this year and quilted about 2 months ago. I have 3 more flannel quilt tops to baste and quilt.
I called this one "Easy Flannel Quilt" to lure in the people who were afraid to work with flannel. Because all of the pieces are large and we used triangle paper for the triangles, everyone was successful with a fabric they had heard was too stretchy or too heavy or some other nightmare story. I don't find flannel any different than any other fabric as long as it is a good quality flannel.
I make most of my flannel quilts in a couch throw size because most people use them to cuddle up in while reading or watching TV. I have 2 more that I will take pictures of later today. I have a basic computer class to teach this morning and then will take my parents shoe shopping and grocery shopping.


Candy Schultz said...

I have never tried flannel because it seems like it would be hard to hand quilt through. Do you find that to be the case?

Diane said...

What a great flannel quilt. I love the colors.

meggie said...

I love that cosy flannel quilt! I keep quilts in a box in the lounge, so anyone can grab one & snuggle up. Or my little Grandson can use to make his cubby houses.

TB said...

For an easy quilt, it sure is beautiful. I love trianges.