Thursday, August 23, 2007

Continuation from yesterday

Here are some more close up views of "The Gods are Watching". This hunter has a silver hand charm sewn over his printed hand. I got this pair of earrings in a bargain bag of misc. at our local bead shop several years ago. The wires slipped right into a seam of the quilt. Below the earrings is a bottle cap painted by a woman in Africa as a fund raising for their area.
This elephant was from a red background printed fabric. The striped fabric behind him was a purchase at our Wal-Mart store when I returned home from Ohio. The fish fabric was brought home by my daughter from one of their trips.
Being at the week long workshop in Ohio was magical and things seemed to fall together there that I would never have created at home. One of the magical parts was that everyone else there was an art quilter too and very supportive of each other. When we work in isolation and most of the people we see daily don't have a clue why we are "wasting our time" working on another quilt when we already have one, doubt creeps in and says "why ARE you making more quilts?" The answer is simple of course, because I have to, my heart tells me to, it is my passion and what keeps me going.


Quiltdivajulie said...

There's a special display of art quilts at the Nashville quilt show - you are not the only one who creates simply because you feel the need!! Try not to listen to that nagging voice...

meggie said...

I think this is why I find the Internet, & all the wonderful blogs so crucial. I lack company for such things, & have to get my friendship's prods from here!