Monday, November 20, 2017

Baking day...........

My family is divided on which Kringla recipe is the I made both kinds.  I have shared the recipe in the past and here it is if you missed it the first time.  One has egg in it and the other doesn't.

This is what I will be fixing on Wednesday.  My family loves the Chex mix made in the oven the old fashioned way.  I think it gets crispier that way compared to the newer microwave method.

I have had many questions in the last 2 weeks from NO REPLY commenters.  Evidently they don't know we can't respond to them without a link to their email (go to your Google profile and enable your email address, scroll down and click on SAVE).  So.....if you have asked me a question and you didn't get an answer in an email from is because I don't have your email address.  I have an email link on my right sidebar and another link in my profile so you can contact me.......I just can't contact you.

My 2 week pop-up shop closes tonight at midnight EST.  If you want a last look at all of the new detail photos on each item you need to do it now.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

It's a quilt top............

This is the design wall where I do most of my photography.  I just took down "The Star of the Show" and some of the leftover squares are still on the wall.

I pressed this colorwash quilt top and did the staystitching and then it was time for photography.  I was pleasantly surprised how much I like this one.  I built it with the left edge at the bottom but had decided I was going to turn it so the flower bed was on the bottom and the sky at the top.  I feel like I can walk right into this scene to the sunlight in the center.  I'm glad I spent more time tweaking the center before I sewed it.  It is a little under 34" square.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Final layout............

I finally got back to my colorwash and did the final tweaking.  Here it is not yet sewn and ready to take down in rows to go to the sewing machine.

This is what it looks like all webbed together as I add each row to the previously sewn part.

The seams are pressed up in one row and down in the next row.

I haven't pressed it yet but I had to admire my nicely matched intersections.

I will press it today and do the row of staystitching around the perimeter and then photograph it for tomorrow's blog post.

Friday, November 17, 2017


I got to this point in sewing the top together by mid afternoon.  The bottom part was sewn in 4 sections.  I forgot to take a photo at that point.

A recap of this quilt's thought process:  I needed some busy work to sew on while watching TV on November 1st.  There happened to be a box of 1.5" strips near my sewing table so I just pulled out all of the really dark strips and started pairing a lighter contrasting strip with each and sewed on them for the next 8 days.  I realized really quickly that these little 4" blocks were going to take forever to make this into a decent size quilt so on the 10th day I made some 8" blocks to add in and to quickly increase the size.  On day 12 I found the star block while looking for something else.  On day 13 I tried adding in a 16" block.  From that point on it was all design time and making a few more 4" blocks to fill in. None of this quilt was planned ahead of time.  I was just looking for something to sew one night....

I finished sewing it together last night.  The star block was a tiny bit large but if I had trimmed it the white points would have been nipped off so I just eased it in instead.  I don't bother to name most of my quilts but this one should probably be either "Twinkling Star" or "Star of the Show".  It ended up 39" x 51.5" so it still a rather small quilt.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Making progress............

I made 4 new blocks with lighter fabric in them.  I also added some more small blocks into the 16" block.  I'm not sure if that is how I'll leave it so I'll look at it for another day before I sew that part together.

I'm happy with the top part so I'm starting to sew sections together.  I can sew that whole top row together today.

I have a Facebook page for Exuberant Color now if anyone is interested.  I have stayed away from FB because I didn't want to learn one more thing but I finally gave in and joined. 

My 2 week pop-up shop will close on Monday night, November 20.  I have been using my living room as my headquarters for it so I will have 2 days to move everything to prepare for Thanksgiving week visitors.  I can't wait to see the whole family together.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

3 leftover blocks.............

Yesterday I was busy and didn't find any time to sew.  I did however go down to the design wall and put the 3 leftover blocks into the large 16 patch to see if that would work instead of the plain lighter value. I will need to piece 2 more strips sets to have enough blocks to totally fill it in.  I love all of the comments and opinions (keep them coming!) and you all know I'll do what I feel is best anyway.  A couple people commented that they thought the white in the star was too bright and it should be over dyed.  Actually what I liked about it was that it was lighter and shows up.  By over-dyeing it would just blend in and hardly be noticed.  I guess my idea was that it would be the "star" of the show and that the rest of the blocks would be the supporting actors.  I thought that the white was balanced out the by the light blue in 3 of the small 16 patches and that the 6 new blocks I need to make will also have a very light value in them.  I guess we will know tomorrow.........stay tuned!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lots of fun..............

My 2 students chose different ways of working on their colorwash pieces.  One started in the middle and the other on the top edge.

About an hour later this much was accomplished.

After lunch and a couple hours of fine tuning they were each happy with their designs and were ready to take down the rows and clip a number to the top of each row stack.  We used calendar pages again for the numbers.

Later in the day I took my 16 patch blocks to the design wall.  The large block isn't sewn together because the sections are the same size as the small blocks and it would be easier to sew this way.  I'm not sure I like the lighter fabric in the large block but I was just using squares that were already cut and leftover from another project.

One of my friends mentioned that she didn't get my last early announcement of the pop-up shop opening.  I suggested that she look in her junk mail and she found it there.  Subscribers, if you haven’t received emails from me recently, check your junk mail. And to keep this from happening in the future, click on the link in the box at the bottom of the note to add my email to your contact list.