Thursday, August 16, 2018

A colorwash finish for August.......

I finished the binding on this batik colorwash wallhanging yesterday.  It is for my daughter and she wasn't sure which edge she wanted at the top.  This is the first choice.

The back is a striped batik.  I put a hanging sleeve on both the top and bottom.

Now it is flipped 180 degrees with the rod in the other hanging sleeve.

The stripes on the back are in many colors.  This end has more red in it.  Which way do you like, the top photo 1 or the third photo 2?

Are you interested in making a Colorwash wallhanging too? 

If you haven't heard, I have an Online Course launching on October 1, 2018 called 'COLORWASH 360'. You'll learn gradation from light to dark (value) as well as gradation from one color another...And, how to select fabrics that work best. 

'COLORWASH 360' opens for pre-sale on September 1. 

Subscribers will receive 24 hours early access to sign up for the course and purchase the limited edition kits of pre-cut squares or larger blocks to cut multiple squares yourself. 

Both Batik and Kaffe Fassett Fabric kits will be available in limited quantities to students of COLORWASH 360 only.

If you aren't an Exuberant Color subscriber for the mailing list....subscribe now on the right sidebar.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

A friend's quilt.........

I recently went to Paducah KY where the Kaffe Fassett "I am an Artisan" contest quilt exhibit is.  I read Mayleen's blog and she made one of the quilts in the contest.  It is one of my favorites so I had my picture taken by it.  Check out her blog where she talks about it.

I'm working on some bindings right now so I hope to have some quilty photos soon.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Two sections sewn.........

The second section of eight strips is sewn and this is now half of the quilt top.   Just 15 more strips to sew together, but wait.......I haven't finished unpicking the last bottom half loops so that will be next.

Monday, August 13, 2018

One section sewn...........

I finally got the first 8 rows sewn together on the trip around the world quilt.  We needed to take it down to use the wall for some photography so now it is going back up again.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

First finish for August 2018..........

I finished the first colorburst wallhanging and got the binding started on the second one.

I used a fabric on the back that is from the first years that the Hoffman Co. was making batiks.  It is in the front of the quilt too.  This one is on the way to its new owner.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Gifting quilts..........

I gifted two quilts, one to my daughter's childhood friend and one to her daughter.  Tracy has only the back of her quilt showing but you can see all of it here.  I had a stack of 6 quilts they could choose from since I didn't know what colors or styles they like.

Friday, August 10, 2018

A gift from a friend.............

A friend and her daughter came to visit us and brought this wonderful treat.  We almost each ate a piece before we got a photo.  There is a little booklet inside telling what each candy flavor is.  They are yummy!