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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


Rain again....this is what the peonies look like from the studio window.  You can see I have a lot of buds out there if it will just warm up and stop raining.  I have picked 2 bouquets already from the 3 types that are blooming so far.
I cut 16 more Kaffe fabrics in 2.5" squares in my ongoing project.  

Then I basted a colorwash last night so I should be able to have one finish this month.  Last year I didn't have any complete finishes.  This top was finished one year ago and is shown on this post. 

It looks like a square here but it is rectangular.  This one is made from 1.5" x 3" finished rectangles and it is one of my favorites.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Last seams sewn........

I had to take advantage of a dry warm day and mow the grass yesterday.  It was cold on Sunday and rain coming again last night.  I sewed the last 14 seams in 3 sessions yesterday and got this small quilt pressed last night.  The triangle squares are 3" finished so this is about 36" x 45.5".  The last few triangles from the box will be sewn into 3 six inch blocks with only 3 left over.  Those blocks will go in my orphan block box.

Monday, May 22, 2017

A little design time..........

I have missed design time.  Last night I looked through my boxes of triangles and found a stack of triangle squares already sewn.  They were the leftovers from my Triangles 1 and Triangles 2 that I made in April 2016.  Click here to see them.  I decided on a chevron pattern and started playing.  I got the seams all sewn in one direction last night.  It will only be about 36" x 45" which is truly a lap quilt size.  It felt good to see what I could make with the combinations that were already sewn.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Cutting a new stack..........

I started cutting strips of Kaffe fabric for this cutting project over a year ago.  I want to do another Kaffe colorwash but I have some other ideas for the 2.5" squares too.  I used them in this quilt - which isn't finished yet.
I started with fabric 01 which was out in the early 1990s.

Each fabric is a double layer and there are 3 fabrics (6 layers) in each stack.  I'm using the GO! die for this one because the Studio die doesn't cut as clean (I have to pull the squares out carefully at every intersection).  I could cut 10 layers with the Studio die but I spend a lot of time getting the piles of squares off the die.  The GO! die will cut 6 layers at a time and the fabric piles lift off easily.  I cut the long strips at the 8 1/8" mark twice for each pile of 6 layers.
I lay them on the die with the lengthwise grain leading into the roller.


After cutting this is all the waste there is.  This cutting project will probably take at least a month to finish.

I'm stacking them in a cookie sheet.  The larger sheet on the bottom will be the one where I fan out the layers so I can keep track of what I have cut.  The green square at the top of the tray isn't perfect.  Some of the fabrics had a swatch cut out of a corner so I will pull the imperfect squares and keep them separate.  They will probably get cut down to 2" squares at some point.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Backing chosen...........

A friend came over yesterday to bake a rhubarb/strawberry pie in my oven.  Yes, she left 2 pieces for me......yummy!!!  While it baked we went down to the basement to look for a backing for my purple quilt top (By the way for those who didn't catch the link in yesterday's post, here is the link for the book with the pattern and a photo of the ruler laying on the book).  We went through my stack of purples first and found a couple that could work.  Then we went to the big boxes of large yardage for backings.  There were 2 that had purple in them and I think this was the best one we found.  Now I just need some energy and enthusiasm to finish it.  Yesterday was a gloomy rainy day and I really didn't do much of anything.
Here are some more photos from the back garden a couple days ago.  I bought 2 hanging pots of wave petunias for a spot of bright color out there.  They have started to relax and hang over the edge since this photo.

This is an area where I planted about 20 hostas that I had in pots last year.  I added the 2 in the top left from my sister-in-law a few days ago.  I have added one more since I took this photo.  By the end of summer the area should be filled out.  I need to get some pavers and lay a path between them while they are small.

Friday, May 19, 2017

Purple top sewn.........

I pressed the top last night so it is officially finished.  It is about 62" x 88.5".  It doesn't lay quite as flat as most of my quilt tops.  That is due to trying to match the points as I sewed the blocks together with lots of stretching and easing.  If you match the points at the center when sewing these blocks it is hard to get the edges to match too. Trimming the blocks would have only made it worse for matching.  The first quilt I made was before the ruler came out and it matched better.  Here is the post that shows the book and the ruler which is laying on the book.
I was happy to see the Dianthus re-seeded from last year.  Creeping Charlie is everywhere and as much as I don't like it, it is very pretty next to the Dianthus.

Here are some more plants down behind the lilies.

Another variety of Cranesbill is blooming.

There are always a few blooms on one branch of the Viburnum bush.

More rain is predicted for later today and most of the day tomorrow.  I dug up some volunteer Red Penstemon plants and planted them in the back garden.  I also moved one Hosta back there.  The rain should help them get a good start.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Purple layout.........

I put 70 blocks up on the design wall yesterday and took this photo.  I did get the top sewn together last night but haven't pressed it yet.  It will look a lot better when sewn.

I think this is the earliest my peonies have ever bloomed.  This bush is always the first to bloom.

We had storms roll through last night with gusty winds so I don't know as I'm writing this whether the blooms are still standing up.

The other Jack-in-the-Pulpit is blooming now.  The plant is not as tall this year as it usually is.

The pale pink Weigela was chopped back severely 2 years ago in the fall and it has the most blooms it has ever had this year.  The petals were starting to drop yesterday. 

My youngest grandchild turns 21 today, the one who made the Packers quilt last month.