Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Trying layouts............

I showed this block pattern HERE on Saturday with many different placements of the darkest fabric.  I have been cutting the shapes from many of the Marcia Derse fabrics and decided to lay them out on the ironing table to see how the colors will look.
I changed from orange to pink to see if the softer color combination looks better.  I will keep trying more layouts until I get a lot more of the fabrics cut.  I'm not sure when I'll start sewing the blocks.

The purple Asters are just starting to bloom.  Once again the camera isn't picking up the deeper color of them.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Added fabrics...........

I dug a little deeper and found some more light fabrics to use with the other Marcia Derse fabrics that I showed yesterday. I also added a few more medium value blues.

Then I looked a little deeper into a cabinet and found more medium purples, corals and pinks.

I added those in and this will probably be the final group.  I have started cutting some of the shapes needed for my block.

The 2 pots by the garage got a little reprieve for a few weeks this summer and were over at the side of the driveway in the shade.  They are still looking pretty good.

I love the Irisine plant in with the lime Coleus.  It is looking a little bedraggled at the end of the season but has been a nice bright accent color all summer.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fabric selection.........

I am thinking about using this assortment of Marcia Derse fabrics in my next quilt.  There aren't very many light colored prints in her collections.  The 3 beige ones shown here the best choices that I have.  The purples are kind of hidden in this photo but they will be very prominent in the quilt.

I have been spending hours sorting squares of fabric into kits.  Here are 2 cuts from the same fabric.  One person gets a lavender flower and the other person gets a pink flower.
The end of season plants in the pots have lots of holes in them.  I don't have the heart to throw them away yet; maybe next month.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Yard work, lots of it..........

Yesterday morning I decided to start chopping down the peonies that are turning brown.   I have over 30 bushes so that took awhile with many trips to the weed pile to deposit them.  Later in the afternoon I mowed the front yard. 

I'm still getting tomatoes.  The earliest ones were the 4th of July and Early Girl types.  The 4th of July is about golf ball sized most of the time with only a few larger tomatoes.  The Early Girl and Rutgers are producing a nice medium to large size tomato, just right for slicing for BLTs.  

I drew up this handout for a class many years ago to show how the same block looks so different when you switch the dark value to many different positions.  I made one quilt from this block in 1990 and I'm thinking about using it again.  The magazine that I saw it in called it Memory but I know I have seen it with other names in other books and magazines.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Need to organize...........

I really should organize this pile of African fabrics.  I was thinking that the large prints in them might work well in a half hexagon quilt.  The die is 9" long.  I like to always have a cutting project going while I'm working on something else.

When I was in the backyard yesterday I was reminded I need to dig up this Pulmonaria/Lungwort that has hopped out of the garden and into the grass.  There is another smaller one about 3 feet from this one.

Another shape that can be cut from the 6" squares offered in the Colorwash 360 class that I mentioned in yesterday's post is rectangles.  This die is 2.5" x 4.5" and I can get 2 out of the 6" square or two 2.5" squares and one rectangle this size.

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Thursday, September 13, 2018

6 inch squares...........

One of the items we offered to the Colorwash 360 class participants is packs of 6" squares in both Kaffe Fassett fabric and in batik.  There are 2 different kits available in each.  The idea for these is that you can either fussy cut or random cut 2.5" squares from them
In this example I would be cutting an area with just red flowers.

On this one I would be fussy cutting the area with the purple flowers with one green twig.

This shows the random cut just straight across in both directions to give me four 2.5" squares.  I could cut this way with rotary cutter and ruler or with my die cutter.

I'm going to be cutting a lot of extra squares for my own colorwash art both fussy cutting and random cutting.

I'm trying to center a flower in this 2.5" square.

In this photo I am centering on a dark area.  This allows for a lot more variety and lots of choices makes a colorwash even better.

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I have an idea for a new quilt brewing and I hope to start on it later this week.  Meanwhile I'll keep sewing the neutral 16 patch blocks.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Magazine and blocks.............

When I was in NC last month I was looking for a magazine to read on the airplane coming home.  I had seen this magazine on several blogs but it didn't interest me until I saw this issue about Louisiana.  There is a section about Anna Williams.  I first saw her quilt tops at the Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus, Ohio around 1992.  Her friend Katherine Watts brought the tops and they hung them on the walls of the cafeteria.  If you don't know who Anna Williams - quilter is you might want to do a search and see some of her scrap quilts.  There was a book published by AQS in 1995 about her life and quilts and I didn't buy it for some reason.  It is out of print now and is $100 - $300 on Amazon. 
Here are some more of my favorite batik combinations in the neutral 16 patches I am making.

The dark print in the block on the left and the geometric print in the block on the right are batiks from the 1990s.  There were so few batiks available in the beginning that I bought almost every one that I saw.  There are some that I would never consider buying now but they were so unusual in the early 1990s and I had to have them.

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