Sunday, July 15, 2018

TAW progress and organization..............

I have the number of strips unpicked for the top left section plus the center row.  Now I can move the strips one at a time from the left edge to the right edge until I like the center (bottom right corner).

I have been wanting to organize all of my groups of blocks that haven't been sewn into a top yet.  I used my one hour to work on an old project yesterday to finally do it.  I put a label in each one with number of blocks and size plus any other info I thought I needed.
I just happened to have an empty medium size storage box to put them in.

The Rudbeckia in the back garden are just starting to open.  We got .65" rain yesterday so I expect to see a lot more open today.

I have just a couple blooming in the front garden surrounded by an invasive vine type plant that I am ever so sorry I ever planted.  It has totally taken over the front garden along with the Periwinkle Vinca.  It sends its root underground to start new plants so it is really hard to get rid of.
The Tiger Lilies in the back garden are probably going to open today.

This is the first bloom in the front garden yesterday.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Working on the TAW............

I sewed the last seam in all 5 stratas and pressed that seam.  Then I cut a strata into loops.  I have unpicked the first strip and put it on the design wall.  The arrow points to the seam that needs to be unpicked on the next loop.  All you have to do is look at the seam between the top and second piece and identify that seam to unpick in the next loop.

Second piece unpicked and placed on the design wall.  Identify the seam between the top 2 pieces of that strip and find it on the next loop and unpick.

I got 8 loops unpicked and up on the wall.  I decided to stop there and cut the other 4 stratas into loops.

The lilies are doing well this year.  The first 3 years they were in this location they didn't bloom and I was afraid I would lose them.

The Lemon Lily is pretty but doesn't photograph very well.

Friday, July 13, 2018


I finally got around to pressing the 5 stratas for my Kaffe Trip Around the World quilt.  Next step is sewing the last seam to make a tube and pressing that.  Now I need to find my note for what size to do the cross cut.  I customized the measurements for this one instead of using a size from a chart I used in my classes.
These are Rutgers tomatoes.  They are a little larger than 2 of my other varieties but still a smaller tomato.

This group is on a plant called 4th of July and has been my earliest tomatoes ever.  I have gotten at least a dozen ripe tomatoes from the 2 plants.

I also have two Early Girl plants.  This one is in the raised bed and the other is along my driveway.  

The evil Japanese beetles are here.  They have eaten all the leaves off my flowering Cherry bush and now they are starting in on the ferns, milkweeds and Rose of Sharon.

Today the humidity is supposed to roll back in with the temperatures in the high 80s and low 90s.  I went out last night and pulled bindweed out of one garden and cut a bunch of volunteer trees.  Between the high humidity and scattered rain predicted I probably will stay in the cool basement and work.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Back to one hour on an old project.............

I got a little sidetracked and didn't stay with my one hour a day on an older project.  I decided that yesterday I needed to get back on track with it.  This little top (42" x 52" was just waiting for the 2.5" strips to be sewn onto it.  Can you believe it has been waiting for 7 years.  Here it is when I got the main part sewn together.  I had just gotten my Studio die cutter and explain the die I used here.
Here is my favorite Hosta again this year.  It starts out with plain green leaves and then the centers start turning a lighter green and by the end of the summer they are almost white.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Now it is really the final layout.............

Hedy mentioned in her comment yesterday that the bottom row looked dark and I thought it was because the light source isn't as bright at the bottom of the design wall.  I decided however to change the end block with the center block and it brightens the center and distributes the green a little better.  Then I decided to do the same thing with the top row because that one seemed a little dark.  The end block was a lot lighter than the rest and it looks better in the center too.  Now it is going to get sewn together.
The Purple Coneflowers (which I call pink!) are starting to bloom all through the back garden.  In the top right corner are the buds of the orange Tiger Lilies. I'm surprised they haven't bloomed yet since so many other perennials bloomed early this year.
The Balloon Flowers are all blooming now.  The front garden is so weedy and overrun by 2 ground covers so it is nice to have a mass of color in there.  The Rudbeckia is getting ready to bloom too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Final layout decision...........

I have decided this is the final layout for the X and + blocks.  I moved the first one in the second row and exchanged it with the second one in the 5th row if you are going to compare it to yesterday's photo.  I thought there was too much dark clumped together before and think the balance is better now.  I have alternated blocks with darker Xs with blocks with lighter Xs hoping the diagonal grid is stronger that way.  I hung a strip of the background fabric along the right side edge, contemplating whether it should have a border.
In the colorful outside the Rose of Sharon bushes are just starting to bloom.  I haven't noticed many Japanese beetles yet but they usually are thick when the bushes are in full bloom.

Here is another color.  I also have another shade of lavender but they aren't in bloom yet.

Monday, July 9, 2018

All 35 blocks on the wall.............

I finally turned the iron on and pressed the last block and a pile of items laying on the ironing board.  I can already see 2 blocks I want to exchange with each other.  Seeing the photo really helps to refine a layout.  This is the same size as the first X and + quilt I made.

I pulled out lots of the invasive tall bellflowers at the beginning of the growing season but there are still lots of them left to bloom.

The small lilies in one of the flower beds in the backyard are blooming now.  They get more sun in the west than the ones in the front east bed.