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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Top sewn...and next in line..........

I sewed this top together while I watched Scorpion last night.  It is 48" x 60".  I think it needs a yellow back and a yellow binding.  Part of the back will be the fabric with the white background and squares of yellow in the print.  The yellow with white dot will probably be a strip to make it wide enough.  If you go back to this post you can see the one in the book that inspired me.
Yesterday morning I found the backing for this quilt and chose the thread to quilt it.  The piece to the left is all that is left of the backing yardage but there will be a long piece to cut off the side of the backing after quilting.  You can go here to see the full shot of this top.  Did you notice the date on that post?  This one has been waiting a long time to get quilted.

Monday, February 20, 2017

No matched blocks......

In the end I just couldn't do the matchy-matchy blocks (see yesterday's post).  I played with the quarter blocks on the design wall and decided to group the blocks by value changes in the yellow backgrounds.  The colors are truer on yesterday's photos too.  This is all ready to sew together today.

We have broken the high temp records for 3 days in a row with the 60+ degree days.  Now they are predicting 70 for Wednesday.  I'm hoping the flowering trees and bushes don't get their buds all formed because we will get cold weather again starting next weekend.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

A quick project...........

This is a new book from C&T Publishing with some fast projects.  I rarely buy precuts but I have a couple boxes full of 2.5" strips that I cut with a rotary cutter and I have dies for my die cutter for 5" squares and 10" squares.

This is my favorite quilt in the book.  I have a lot of strips from older fabrics, mostly from the 1990s that I need to use because they are getting ravelly in the box.  

I am using all yellow prints for the light fabric.  This is one layout with the fabrics matched within the 4 quarters of the block.

I had to try them mixed too.  I think maybe matched will win on this one.

I wasn't paying attention and got the center strip sewn in wrong on 2 of the 4 quarter blocks in this combination.  I unsewed them and fixed them last night.  This will just be a small quilt, 20 twelve inch blocks.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Finish #2 for February.........

I put the last hand stitching in the binding at 10 p.m. yesterday.  I like this one a lot and think it is one of the best batik colorwash wallhangings that I have ever made.  It is 35" square.  

The photos below show the binding on 2 edges.  I think that print worked very well.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Yesterday afternoon I ditch quilted this colorwash wallhanging that I basted 2 weeks ago.  I chose the binding and hope I like it when it is sewn on.  I left 1/8" of batting and backing extending so I can sew the binding on with a 3/8" seam.  I also cut 2 backings and pieced one of them and cut one batting so I'm getting closer to more finishing.  

My begonias are blooming on the kitchen windowsills.  I think maybe I'll be able to keep them alive long enough to plant them in a pot for the porch in May.

I think I need to re-pot both of these groups of begonias.  The white one has been blooming all winter.  I think I need to pinch them back because they are getting a little leggy.  This weekend when it is warm I may take them outside and re-pot them there to keep the mess out of the garage.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good sewing day.........

While my friends were here yesterday I sewed the redwork quilt top.  It is 33.5" x 44.5" so one width of fabric is plenty for a back.  How nice to not have to press 5-6 yards of fabric and seam them together.

I quilted this tablerunner several years ago and it has been waiting for binding.  I finally cut it and sewed it on last night.

These placemats are even older, quilted a long time ago.  I wanted to use the same black with gold metallic stars for the binding but I couldn't find the small piece that was leftover.  Then I would find the binding fabric and couldn't find the placemats.  This went on for years.....and finally one day I found both the placemats and the binding fabric and I could finish them.
The fabric on the back has gold metallic on it too. 

It was a good day to sew since it turned cold for one day.  We are expecting 60 degrees on Saturday through Monday.  I plan on trimming bushes over the weekend.  I always want to do the trimming before they leaf out and it is usually too cold in the winter to do it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I pieced quarter square triangles and did a layout that gives the impression of on point blocks.

A NO REPLY commenter wanted to know where I got the redwork designs.  They are an old Cactus Punch package from the late 1990s.

Then I turned the quarter square triangle blocks one turn to the right.

I decided this is the better of the two layouts with the limited contrast between the two darker red 30's reproduction fabrics.

This is a better photo of the colors in the prints.  Since the redwork blocks are one way designs it made sense to use the Lily of the Valley one way design for the plain squares.

My two friends are coming over to sew today so I hope to work on this project.

I have some more blooms in the inside garden.  There are 2 orange blooms and a bud close together on this one.

There was one more bud on the champagne color cactus and it bloomed yesterday too.