Saturday, February 13, 2016

New project............

Back in the middle of January I showed some batik 2.5" strips that I was going to be working with.  What I did was pick 5 similar strips of each color so that I could make 5 different but similar stratas for a Trip Around the World quilt.
I have had the stratas sewn for a couple weeks but just finally sliced them and started unpicking to design the TAW up on the design wall.  This is how far I got by last night.  I had been wanting to make a multicolor batik TAW for a long time.  I made a king size top like this back in the 1990s and sold it so I wanted to make a replacement for it but this one will be a smaller size, about 70" x 94".

The first 9 vertical rows are sewn together so you can see the shape of the finished pieces.  They are 1.5" x 2" finished.  That is the smallest I have worked with in a TAW.  You can also see how the fabrics change as each color makes its path.

Do you think this is the reason I don't have as many birds in the back yard this winter?  This cat is huge and I don't have any idea who it belongs to.

I finished the binding on the stars and 16 patches quilt.  I'll take a photo and show it tomorrow.  I also got the flannel Stack and Slash top sewn together.  Lots of progress......

Friday, February 12, 2016

Layout planned........

I worked on several things yesterday.  I did the layout for the flannel blocks and started sewing the top together.  The binding is a little over half done on the stars and 16 patches quilt.  I have another new one that I've been working on that I'll show tomorrow.

My trunk show program is just a few days away.  For the local people, here is the information: the Fair City Quilters meeting will be at 7 p.m. on February 15th at the Federated Church, 403 N. Main St. in Sandwich. Guest fee is $5.  The last time I gave a program for them was 4 years ago so this trunk show will be the quilts I have made since 2012.  I plan on taking at least 75 finished quilts and tops.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

It asked for a border........

I left this top hanging on the design wall for 3 days and it asked for a border.  The only thing that would work is black and white.  It will also have a black and white backing.

It is now about 49" x 61".

I also worked on the flannel Stack and Slash quilt.  Here are 2 piles (4 deep) that have been slashed and shuffled.

This is the stack on the left in the photo above after sewing and pressing the blocks.  You can see each fabric shifts to a different position but they all have the same 8 fabrics in them.

This is from the stack on the right.  There are 3 more groups for a total of 20 blocks for this quilt.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A productive day.......

Yesterday I cut the binding, sewed it on and started the hand sewing.  I have one long side done and about 12" on the next side.

While doing laundry I cut another Stack and Slash quilt.  This one will have 20 blocks.  

Although this looks like a rose colored bloom it really is a soft red.  There are many more buds on this plant as well as on both of my orange ones.

I sat on the floor and aimed the camera up under these blooms.  I just love the 2 tone flowers.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Quilting again...........

I was determined to get this quilt quilted yesterday.  I basted it about the 3rd week of January and it has been draped over the bars of my longarm ever since.  I quilted it on my Babylock straight stitch machine.  Three sessions spread out over the day was the right way to tackle it.  I have trimmed it so it is ready for binding.
I tried several reds for binding but the border fabric has a rust background with red in the print and I couldn't find anything I liked with it.  My next thought was a purple but then I saw this green and I like it with both the front and the back.  I'll made a final decision this morning and get it done.

Monday, February 8, 2016

A day of rest...........

After church I did paperwork, cleaned up computer files, pulled some fabrics for another quilt.  While at the computer in the afternoon I noticed the sun from the west picture window shining on this cactus by the east picture window 30 feet away.
Here is the bottom left blossom from another angle.  I am thankful for such fragile beauty in the middle of winter.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Zig Zag - the leftovers............

A reader of my blog contacted me in 2011 and wanted to know if I wanted all of her leftover triangles.  She had made several quilts inspired by the book "Spectacular Scraps" by Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe.  I had also made a few quilts inspired by that book.  I had no idea how many pieces she was going to mail to me.  First I made this quilt in 2011 with them.  She had also sent squares of fabric that were from the same group of fabric so last year I pieced triangle squares from a bunch of them to go along with the leftover pieced squares she had sent.

I put these up on the design wall yesterday and finished sewing it together late in the afternoon.  I didn't measure it but it should be about 39" x 51".
This little batch is all that is left now.  I will give these to a friend.

This was my empty box.