Thursday, October 30, 2014

African fabric quilt top............

My 2 friends came over to sew yesterday and that was the push I needed to make the decisions about the border on this quilt.  I decided a random order of the color sections was the way to go.  I was able to get 4 matching corner blocks out of a large print African fabric.  This is my favorite of all of the quilts I have made from this group of fabrics.  I will try to round up all of the photos and make a collage of my African fabric quilts.
After I finished that top I went back to unpicking loops for the bottom half of the Australian fabric Trip Around the World.  Then last night I sewed the center seam on 12 strips and sewed them together, one long seam from top to bottom.  This quilt should finish around 62" x 78".  I just wanted a large couch size quilt.

I am thinking about teaching this TAW class again locally (Sandwich IL).  If you live anywhere near me and are interested, email me here.  I have a special rate for anyone who has taken the class before and wants to participate.  I am hoping to teach it in November and again in January.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Only a little sewing........

I only got a few more loops unpicked on the bottom yesterday.  The next task is to sew the top strip to the bottom strip so that every final seam will be vertical, top to bottom in the quilt.  If you sew the top and bottom half separately, you will have one crosswise seam crossing all of those vertical seams and it tends to look a little ripply.   I prefer to have a nice flat top with all vertical seams.  
Two friends are coming over to sew today so the first thing I will do is work on is the African quilt, slicing the stratas for the piano key border.  Then I may start sewing a section of this quilt.
I had to hurry to get a photo of my pretty tree.  It just turned yellow a couple days ago and the leaves will be falling quickly.  This is a volunteer maple about 12-15 years old.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Progress on the Trip Around the World quilt.....

Now I am working on the right quarter of the top half of the quilt.  This means the fabrics are stepping down one fabric at a time.

I also auditioned the center to be sure I like it by pinning some loops for the bottom half on the wall in the color sequence.  I decided I liked it so I continued unpicking the rest of the loops.

To make the fabrics move down one at a time you look at the bottom 2 fabrics of the previous strip on the design wall and unpick the next loop at that seam (where my thumb is).

Now all of the loops for the top half are unpicked and on the wall (18 fabrics is 35 strips, 17 on each side of a center strip).

The bottom row of squares is the center row from top to bottom on the quilt.

For the bottom half of the quilt, look at the bottom square on the first row and you will pick that square totally out of a loop.  You don't want 2 center rows and you do want the same fabric at the bottom of the quilt that is at the very top.
I unpicked 3 strips on the bottom half last night and quit for the night.

Years ago my son in law travelled to Australia and he brought me two tablecloths.  Neither one is large enough for the back of the quilt but I figure out a way to use one or both on the back.


Monday, October 27, 2014

Australian fabric Trip Around the World

It was finally time yesterday to unpick a seam in each loop for the trip quilt.  How do I know where to unpick it?  Unpick the first strip anywhere and put it up on the design wall.  Then the next strip is unpicked between the top 2 fabrics on the previous strip.  You can see my thumb is on the seam to unpick.  Don't over analyze, just unpick it.
The correct way to use a seam ripper is to lay it flat on the fabric and slide the point under a stitch.  I have seen too many people use it to jab at the stitch.  I slide it under every 3rd stitch and cut.  Since I had to hold my camera in my right hand I had to hold the ripper for the photo with my left hand.  Normally the fabric is laying against my left hand and I use my right hand to slide the ripper under the stitch.

Then the seam just pulls apart and you can pick off the little thread pieces.

I have 18 fabrics so I needed to unpick 18 loops.  This gives me the top left section plus the center row.  The bottom right corner would be the center of the quilt when all of the loops have been unpicked.

Now I can move the strips one at a time from the left edge to the right edge and see every fabric as the center.  I have moved one strip here.

And now I have moved one more strip.  The pink center is getting larger with each move.

The top left corner could also be a choice for the center.  The next photo is this photo flipped 180 degrees to show that.


I think I will move a few more strips before I make a decision.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

More fiber therapy.....

I didn't sew at all yesterday, just petted some fabric.  This is another of Kaffe Fassett's new fabrics for fall 2014.  I love the black background one.

The stripe will be a little trickier to work into a project but I had to have a little of it. All of the colors in this one are nice but red is my favorite followed by gray.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Drunkard's Path Decision..or indecision...........

I sewed the top of the Drunkard's Path together yesterday and then tested black binding (on the right) and black border (top left) but neither one spoke to me.

Then I tried a print border with a black background.  The print is also in two of the blocks.  I like this better but may audition a couple more fabrics.  This isn't an outstanding quilt by any means but it is one else has this fabric collection and therefore there will never be another like it.  I'm linking to the "Cross the Drunkard's Path" quiltalong - link button on my right sidebar.

The problem I had with comments not coming to my email box has been solved.  I think it was Comcast's fault.  Since emails weren't coming from my friend who also has Comcast I knew something was wrong.  She told me my emails to her were all in her spam folder.  I checked the Comcast webpage and I had 85 comments being held hostage in my spam folder.  After 3 days of this, things were back to normal.

Friday, October 24, 2014

The new quilt.........

This is what I did with the 8.5" squares that I showed yesterday.  I decided it was so much fun slicing the blue and green blocks on this quilt that I wanted to do it again but slice as many times and wherever I wanted.  The fabrics are 95% Vicki Welsh hand dyes and 5% others that I have had in my stash a long time.  I cut all of the big squares from warm colors and the 1" strips are a wild assortment from all of my scraps of hand dyed fabrics.  I will save this project to take to our next sew in the second Thursday in November.

Today I want to sew my Drunkard's Path blocks together but I also need to get outside and cut down some more weeds and peonies in the gardens.