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Friday, August 26, 2016

4 more blocks...........

Yesterday morning I helped my friend kit up 2 more quilts for her to take to AZ with her this winter.  In the afternoon I sewed 4 more blocks of this quilt.  Pattern info on this post.  There are 2 blocks alike of each color  combination and this is half of them, 5 more combinations to sew.
Last year I had 8 tomato plants and they were too crowded so this year I was only going to put in 5.  I ended up getting 2 more and growing them in pots next to the raised bed.  In the beginning of the summer they did great with way more tomatoes than I could eat so I shared with several people.  Then it got too hot and the crop was little golf ball size tomatoes like 2 in this photo. The plants aren't full and bushy either.  For about 3 weeks there were no new blossoms on the plants but finally they started again so I have a new crop growing.  I was reading an article in the newspaper that noted the growing season wasn't ideal this year.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Not a stitch............

Yesterday was an "everything else" day.  I kept thinking I would get to the sewing machine but it didn't happen.  I checked out my zinnia bed when I went out to check the rain gauge.  We got another half inch of rain before noon.
There was a butterfly again but it wouldn't pose for me this time and flew away after a minute or so.

I have decided that this spot will be dedicated to zinnias every year from now on.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Pushing and pulling.......

I was pushing the lawn  mower and pulling weeds for several hours yesterday.  It was another beautiful low humidity day.  That is all changing today, muggy and rainy.

When I came in I needed to pull fabrics from my flannel bins for a quilt similar to the one on the chair.  I'm selling these fabrics to a friend and will be cutting the kit for her. 

Some of the NO REPLY commenters leave me the nicest comments and I can't reply to them to thank them......so this is a group thank you to all of you kind people who say such nice things.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Questions and answers...............

A few days ago a NO REPLY commenter asked if she was seeing real fabric swatches on my inventory cards.  She said that she would photocopy the fabric and paste the picture on and make a block with the scraps.  Well, the answer is yes, those are fabric scraps.  AND so are those scraps in both of those containers on the table.
AND seven of these 8 containers are Kaffe fabric............................................................
AND the rest of it is in this bin that sits under the end of the pool table.  That is why I'm using real fabric scraps on the inventory cards.

Question 2:  several people wanted to know how large the quilt was on the design wall in yesterday's post.  This post gave the full view and the dimensions. 
My other niece sent me a photo of some of the mug rugs I made that her mom gave her for Mother's Day.  The quilt on the couch is also one that I made.  It is a Many Trips Around the World made from directions in "Tradition With a Twist" by Blanche Young.   

This post has the photo her sister sent me of her mug rugs.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Cutting kits............

I went to the basement to work on some kits and decided to take one more photo of this quilt on the design walls.  It has to come down because this is my best photo wall.  I have really enjoyed having it up there for over a week.
I am going to give my color workshop in late September so I have been working on the kits of 100 squares (2.5").  I cut 24 kits last summer and did them with a double layer of each fabric which means I have to divide the stacks into 2 kits.  The 6 on the left are divided.  I do the dividing while the news and weather is on at night.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday, mid 70s and low humidity.  I have started the clean up of the back garden starting with cutting down the peonies and digging out unwanted plants and volunteer trees.  I only got about a third done so I'll work on it again today.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Unwinding time...........

I was gone for 6 hours with the funeral, a long procession from the funeral home to the cemetery and lunch afterwards.  I saw many cousins, nieces and nephews that I don't see very often.  It was a nephew 65 and single that passed away.  He was 9 years old when I married into the family.  After all of the socializing I just needed to unwind so I spent a few hours reading this book, #25 in the Prey series.  I think there is just one more book in the series to read after this one.  The weather changed late in the afternoon yesterday so the windows are open once again and A/C turned off.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Prep work........

Yesterday I went through the little pieces of Kaffe Fassett fabric that I had separated by size earlier this year.  A lot of my file cards didn't have all of the colors of samples on them.  I have 2 more little bags to go through and I already have this many cards ready to sew pieces onto.  One of my readers reminded me that I can put my documentation of the Kaffe fabrics on one of the "pages" listed on my right sidebar instead of starting another blog for it.  If you read my blog on a smart phone I'm not sure if you see that sidebar.

This morning I have a funeral to go to.  I'm hoping the predicted rain will not be at the time we are at the cemetery.