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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Playing with Snail's Trail

I decided to try the alternate squares with the Snail's Trail blocks.  The light fabric I tried first was too light and too plain.

This second print is better so I need to cut more squares.

I could stop here at 60" x 72" but it looks unfinished.

I cut three more dark squares and made two more Snail's Trail blocks.  Now it will be 60" x 84".  This is the first quilt, my trial quilt to see how these blocks work.  I didn't choose most of the Snail's Trail block fabrics to go together.  They are just what happened to be in the fat quarter pile plus 4 that I needed to cut from some yardage.  I rarely buy fat quarters because I like full width fabric.  Most of these were bonus pieces added to orders and the rest were one pack I bought to get 2 of the fabrics in it.  The next quilt will be planned.  The light fabrics need to be more consistent in value.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

January finish #4

Last night I quilted this spiral baby quilt and put the binding on all by machine.  I was going to use a black with small white dot fabric for the binding but when I saw this narrow stripe I decided I liked it better.  The quilt ended up at 43" x 50".
I was pretty happy with the placement of the diamond print fabric.  

I went to see the movie "Hidden Figures" yesterday afternoon.  It was a wonderful movie and it would have been such a shame if that story had not been told.  The story behind events is such a big part of history and I'm glad this story was documented in a book and made into a movie so we could all know about it.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Making progress.......

I pieced the backing for the baby quilt.  The panel of diamonds will be off center on the back of the quilt.  Here I am getting ready to load it on the long arm.

I pieced some leftover white batting and got the backing and batting on the frame.  I laid the top on there to keep it wrinkle free.  I hope to quilt it today.

I pieced 3 more of the Snail's Trail blocks last night.  In researching this pattern I see they used dark and light large squares as every other block in some of the layouts.  I'm looking for 2 fabrics now to use for those squares.  I need a little over a yard of each and lots of my batiks are half or 3/4 yard pieces.  I'm sure I'll find something that will work.  I could always make those scrappy too.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Choosing a backing............

I'm using these 2 fabrics for the back of the spiral baby quilt top that I showed 2 days ago.  I started piecing it last night but didn't quite finish it.  That will be today's first job.

Yesterday was my eye appointment in Chicago to check if the injection into my eye will help regain some of my vision.  I talked about it here on my 2016 final recap post.  The good news is that the shot is working for me, my vision has improved and swelling dramatically reduced.  I had my second injection yesterday and will go back in 6 weeks for another checkup.  My eyes were dilated so I didn't do any piecing of blocks last night, just worked on that backing shown in this photo.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

9 more blocks..............

Yesterday afternoon I cut 12 more Snail's Trail/Monkey Wrench blocks.  I sewed 9 of them last night while I watched TV and added them to the three I showed yesterday with the die that I used.  The name on the die is Snail's Trail, other people call it Monkey Wrench.  I'm going to have to do a little research and see if one of them is the name of the layout rather than the name of the block. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Borders and blocks.............

I sewed a border onto this little quilt top yesterday.  I took the photo on a gray design wall.  I'll photograph it on a white wall when it is quilted.  I last worked on this one in November 2013.  Now it is around 44" x 50" so when it is done it will go in the baby quilt stack.  I made several quilts with this block here and here and here.
I spent some Christmas gift money on a new die.  I have always wanted to make this block but with all of the different size triangles I never got around to it.  Some triangles have the grain on the long edge and some on the short edge so it seemed like too much work to cut it until I got the die.
This is the GO big die on top of an adapter so I can use it on my Accuquilt Studio die cutter.  I have 6 layers all face up so with one pass through the machine I have 3 blocks.

People who don't have a die cutter are always concerned with the waste fabric.  I used fat quarters cut into a 11.25" width x 18" so I have the long grain heading into the roller.  This is what is leftover.

After I cut away the skinny strips here are the scraps.  The 3.5" ruler gives you an idea of the size.  The piece to the left is big enough to cut a 1.5" strip, a 2" square, and two 1.5" squares (times 6 layers).  There are lots of shapes I can cut out of the 4" wide piece.  I keep similar size scraps together and after I'm done cutting with this die, I'll put on another die and cut up the scraps. 

It was a good day to work inside.  My driveway still had ice on it at 4:30 p.m. yesterday.  It was supposed to be warmer all night so today it should finally be melted off.  I talked to one person who couldn't stop on the ice and ran into a garage door.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Finishes #2 and #3..........

Finish #2 for January.
I finished the hand stitching last night on the binding of this batik Bento Box quilt.  It is 56.5" x 80".  There isn't a pattern for this version.  I just used measurements that I wanted to make the blocks.  Here is a mini tutorial on the way I assembled the blocks. 

I bought the batik that I used for backing on sale a few years ago.

Finish #3 for January.  I finished the machine stitched binding on this batik Trip Around the World last night too.  It has 120 different fabrics, 5 different fabrics for each color ring.  Here is a post about mug rugs where I explain how I do the binding.  The only difference is that I cut the strips wider for a large quilt and sew it on with a 3/8" seam. 

The batik backing is another good sale purchase.  The quilt is 66" x 91". 

This post shows the fabric choices and the size of the pieces when I was first working on it.

The vertical line quilting drew it in about 3.5" in width.