Saturday, March 1, 2008

Update on borders, finished postcards

Here is the piece I showed yesterday, that I am not happy with the borders on. Thank you everyone for your comments as they make me look at my pieces with new perspective. I even received some emails, one with a cropped version for me to view. This is how I have changed the borders since yesterday. Even though I love wide borders on other people's quilts, they don't usually please me on mine.
I just have the borders folded under at this point. I will measure them and make notes so I can cut.

Below are 2 postcards which have been in progress for at least 7 months. I finally put backs on them yesterday and did the satin stitch edging.

Don't mind my crooked photography, they are a lot straighter than this picture!
I really like my little pieces when I finish them, and even though I had originally thought I would try to sell them, I really don't want to part with many. It may have to do with the fact that I am going to have to get rid of a lot of stuff in the next 2 years (maybe sooner) and the big stuff is what will make a difference. The little stuff I could keep in a small pile and still own a lot of variety without it taking up a lot of space. Pros and cons: (pro) little things sell better because they are more affordable for most people ( and for impulse purchases), (con) they are often little studies for larger pieces or techniques and I need to keep them for inspiration.

I know some people never sell anything they make. Some people give it all away as gifts and never keep anything for themselves. I am in the position to need the cash flow and that makes it extra hard to make the decision, especially when I love the piece I have made. Decisions, decisions, isn't that what life is all about?


Anonymous said...

I like what you have done with the borders on quilt.

I really appreciate your comments on the "smalls" of quilting. And I agree they do sell better. As the consumer has no idea of the hours put into a king size quilt, especially if they do not sew.

Daily you say, "that is life".


imquilternity said...

Oh yes....I like the borders much better now! You have some incredible fabrics in your stash and it's always fun and interesting just examining your quilts to see which ones you've used.

I'm one of those that usually sells most of what I make and I have no regrets, although every now and then I do make something I just have to keep.

It's such a treat to see a new quilt or project on your blog every day. Keep it coming!

meggie said...

Your visual bounty you provide for us is wonderful.
I love the postcards. Did you embroider the back of it?
If I make something for another person, I never feel the parting with it, & though I have sold some of my quilts, I only ask the price of the fabric & batting. There is only one I regret selling.
When I give quilts to family, I feel as if I can still 'share' them, in a way. My little Grandson loves his quilts so dearly, & he wouldnt part with even his baby one.

Lynda said...

The smaller borders throw the emphasis back into the centre of the quilt and make it much more visually exciting.
As to quilts, mine are piling up. I have started to give them away (all my nieces, nephews and family members have had one for their 18th birthdays)but I think I'm going to have to do something soon. I certainly find it hard to part with them, and there are one or two I regret having given away.

QuiltMom said...

Hi Wanda,
I love the borders on your quilt- it is just the right answer.
It is hard to see the people that we love lose their health and their independence. My father in law passed away quite suddenly in November after a difficult summer for he and my mother in law. She has Alzheimer's and was no longer able to stay at home with him and other family members. One of the things he said was getting old isn't for cissies and I am sure that is true. I hope that your mother is better but I am sure that you will find the necessary solutions to supporting both your parents.
May you be surrounded by people that help you love and support your folks but also support you too as you walk on this journey.
As for selling quilts - it is a hard question- finding a fair price is difficult. I agree with you that having pieces that are smaller are sometimes easier to sell. I have given many away and that got easier once a gave away a few. My one hurdle was to accept that once you give them away they are in someone else's keeping- to do with as they wish. My hope is always that the quilt gives the owner pleasure and is valued but that is up to the new owner. Creating a quilt is a personal process and when you give it away you give away a piece of yourself. Perhaps it is the same whether you give it or sell it..
Regards from a Western Canadian quilter,

TB said...

Most of my quilts are in the hands of others, and I like that they are appreciated and treasured, so even though I want to keep them, I know that they are bringing joy to the recipient. It helps, too, that my house is so small that there really is not room for many quilts here! I feel that a bit of me is going with the quilt and staying with that person. I guess that's my way. So I urge you to let go of some of them with joy!