Monday, March 3, 2008

Rainy Day

It is gloomy and rainy today and guess what, they are predicting snow again. It was in the 50's overnight so a lot has melted and grass patches are showing. Snow is predicted 5 days this week but it sounds like flurries to 1" on most of the days. It all depends on how the storm tracks.

I continued trying to clean off the tables in my studio yesterday and didn't do any sewing. This is one of the groups of fabric on my table. I think I like them together just because it says "spring flowers". I don't have any real plans for them right now.
I'm off to get my parents' and my taxes done this morning. The govt. is starting to moan already that we might not spend the federal rebate check on purchasing, that we might spend it on bills instead. The "big shots" in DC just don't have a clue about the situations the lower middle class are in. They have never had to decide whether they go out to lunch or pay the electric bill. Rant done!

My mother has 4 dr. appts. Mon. - Wed. so we may get some answers on some of her problems. I will get some sewing done today with a couple friends. I can feel the stress leaving my shoulders already.


Cathi said...

Those fabrics definitely say spring! They're gorgeous!

Elsie Montgomery said...

I've often wondered if other parts of the world associate colors with the seasons in different ways than we do. These are spring! We have fall colors, even those for summer and winter. Do the Chinese pick the same ones?

Whatever the answer to that, yellow and purple make me feel happy. Thanks for reminding me again of the power of color!

my thoughts and prayers for you and your mom!

imquilternity said...

I have always loved the Twig Stripe and the Floral Dance fabrics. I have a couple yards of each and haven't figured out yet how to use them. Your combination is beautiful..can't wait to see what you do with it.

Anonymous said...

Violets and Buttercups reflect your spring fabric selection. Makes me want to create an Easter arrangement. As always I love your selection, as they make me smile.

You are right about the our rebate checks that we are to recieve~ I vote with you!

My thoughts are with you, as you meet all these appointments with your Mom.


meggie said...

Good luck for your mother's Dr appointments. A lot of patience is needed to sit about in waiting rooms!
Lovely Spring colours! Pansies.

jovaliquilts said...

Rain, rain, rain, to be followed by snow, snow, snow! We're in the same mess. I think I'll go sew something bright and cheery, too!

Denise (Nour) said...

Hope your Mother's appt. go fine. I love to see your color combinations! True eye candy!

Diane said...

Gorgeous fabric combination.