Monday, March 17, 2008


Do you allow yourself any playtime? Do you ever just piece fabrics together just because you like the colors together?
Playtime is essential to get you into a "zone" where time flies and you are surrounded by peace and contentment.
You can make rules for what you are doing, like strips are no longer than 22" or I will only use yellow if you want to, or you can just play with the scrap bin and whatever happens, happens.
The result of all of those playtimes is a box of pieces and parts. When you start playing with them up on a design wall you get even more ideas.
Michael5000 mentioned in the comments that he wouldn't have thought of framing my crazy log cabin quilt from a couple days ago with the angled strips. That actually happened because of playtime. I added 4 different fabrics from my "clean up cuts" box and because they weren't straight cuts to start out with I had to square up the quilt. I experimented by folding back edges to see how much to trim and came up with the angled cuts.
All I can say is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY!! You may come up with the most exciting piece you have ever made.
VickiW has finished our second collaborative quilt for our wounded soldiers (QOV). Scroll down for the red/white/blue hearts and stars flannel quilt.


Elsie Montgomery said...

This is yummy, with lots of possibilities. You challenge me to play, and I'm trying to fit that into a rather insane to-do list.

btw, I hope by "Alberta clippers" you meant weather -- and that I personally didn't send you something negative! If it helps, yesterday and today were incredibly sunny. We did have snow on Saturday, but it is so beautiful out there that I cannot be annoyed at the 'weatherman' for sending it!

Keep having fun with those scraps!

Rebel said...

You're right. I'm getting stressed out because I have limited quilting time and I'm anxious to get something finished. But I might enjoy my quilting more if I spent more time just playing. Play is good!

Anonymous said...

I live my quilting projects through you Wanda. Your blog is for my viewing pleasure. I almost feel like I've been there done that after viewing your daily blog. (*._,*) Very satisfying for me and believe it or not gives me inspiration for the sewing projects I have going on my own. What a way to begin a new week of PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. All photo's of strips reflect how much fun you were having, from the springtime colors to the more vivid ones, love them all.


Anonymous said...

Wanda, What a wonderful lesson today!I was
looking at my scrap pile and now you have
inspired me to PLAY ! jmh

jovaliquilts said...

Isn't it funny how what is so easy when we're kids is so hard as adults? Thanks for the good advice (or, less elegantly put, the kick in the rear!).

meggie said...

Even your 'play pieces' look talented!

Michael5000 said...

I've never even thought of pieceing without a plan. And, I still don't think I'm ready for it (and besides, I like planning the best anyway). Looks good when you do it, though.