Friday, March 14, 2008

One down, several to go

Finally I have had a couple days to concentrate on getting things made for the IL Artisan's Gallery. I had made this center section a couple years ago and have another set of blocks to do something similar. Two days ago I added the borders, basted it, and started the machine quilting. Yesterday I finished the machine quilting and the binding. All I have left to do is sew down the bottom edge of the hanging sleeve. I didn't feel like free motion quilting and since this is only 31" square it was easy to twist and turn to quilt in angles with regular stitching.
I quilted the center of the quilt with metallic thread in the ditch spiraling out from the center of the block, following the logs. I love this little frog trying to escape. Another block.

VickiW has the first collaborative quilt that we are doing for QOV finished and pictured on her site. It looks spectacular and I hope it goes to someone who will love it. Thanks Vicki.


Elaine Adair said...

Oh girl - another !!!! bunch of gorgeous fabrics. Hey, will you show us some photos of your storage stuff, closet, or work area, wherever you keep all these jewels?

meggie said...

Another lovely collection of fabrics, sewn into an item of beauty.

Anonymous said...

I'm really happy you showed us close up's of the squares. I like to see the fabrics up close. I didn't even see the little frog at first in completed quilt, till you showed us the square he was in. He makes the quilt, and I see your 'theme' so clearly now with fish and ferns. As always you make my day!


Lynda said...

The crazy log cabin blocks look fantastic set like this. What a lot of movement - and a frog!

Michael5000 said...

Nice! That is an especially lovely little log cabin; I like the way you framed it at a tilt. That's the kind of thing that never occurs to me.