Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

With Easter falling so early (first Sunday after the full moon that follows the first day of spring) it is really cold, 29 degrees F here. I can remember as a child having something new and springy to wear to church on Easter and then at the last minute my mother would decide it was too cold and we wore our winter clothes.

Do you remember these panels by The Toy Works that were popular in the late 70's and in the 80's? There were cats and rabbit, and then there was this Gingerbread House. The animals were stuffed and used as doorstops. This one is meant to be stuffed too.
All of the directions are printed on the fabric right along with the pieces to cut out.
I'm still searching for all of my screen printed things. Hopefully I will be able to announce tomorrow when they will be on my blog-shop.


Anonymous said...

Ginger Bread House ~ You sure have some treasure's in your many stashes. I do not remember the Gingerbread House, but do recall the animals.

It is a cool 51 degrees here. Breezy with no sun.


meggie said...

It has warmed right up again here today. Too warm for me!
I have never seen anything like that Gingerbread House. I once made some Cabbage Patch Dolls for my granddaughter from printed panels.

Lynda said...

Those panels look wonderful! I shan't be buying them personally, as when I have done preprinted kits in the past, it becomes obvious that I can't actually sew in a straight line!