Thursday, March 27, 2008

Problems on the home front

I just put a new 3 gallon bottle of water on my cooler on Tuesday morning. I noticed last night that it was down to half. I knew it was really empty when I put the new bottle on, and I had been drinking water, so I didn't get too alarmed. I thought maybe that bottle wasn't as full when I got it and I hadn't noticed it. When I got up this morning it was even lower so I felt the floor next to it. Yes, it was wet. I emptied all of the remaining water into containers and put into the fridge. I drank one glass of water and it was warm.

OK, I am not fooling around with that one anymore. It was second hand to start out with and I have had it for almost 5 years. I called my son and he will order one for me through his business from the company that delivers the water. Meanwhile I am very sad that my new refinished wood floor is all warped in the area where it sat. I hope as it dries out it will settle down some.

OK, breathe!!

I started a project a few years ago with some hand dyed fabric from Laura Wasilowski and 2 of the blocks have my raw edge, free motion applique/embroidery on them. I snapped a quick picture of this one but the color is off. I will try with my other camera and see if it captures it any better.
Today, no appointments, just computer club tonight.


Melody Johnson said...

Wanda, I had some water problems with our refrigerator last summer and the wood floors were buckled and I was dying! My new house, ruined already. But I have to say there is no more buckling at all now. It all came back to true and I never even noticed when it happened. So I believe you will have the same good luck. I hope so anyway.

mzjohansen said...

As you said, B-R-E-A-T-H-E ... this too will pass and the beautiful floor will be beautiful again ! ....and I really like this piece. Very cheerful, very lovely!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Wanda, may your floor bounce back from its bath like trees from a good rain storm.

Thanks for posting this cheery applique today. While the sun is shining here, the rooftops have frost on them and the temp is a bit below freezing. At least spring has arrived on your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Color looks great on this end. Flower design is perfect on that back ground, and I love the simplicity of the blossom and leaves.


p.s. I too hope your new hardwood floor drys to perfection again.

jovaliquilts said...

I love the flower and your stitching on it. The colors may be off from the original, but I like them, too!

What a bummer about the floor -- I sure hope it evens up as it dries! Good luck!

meggie said...

Hope your floor comes right again.
Love that cheery flower. What a good idea.

Sequana said...

I guess nothing lasts forever except our need for food.....*L*

I'm glad you can get a new water thingie with minimum hassle.

I, too, like this cheery piece you've shown us today, especially since it's so dreary outside...yet again.....:(

Anonymous said...

Hi Wanda, Ace says floor should be OK.
Be patient. Colors in the design are beautiful.jmh

jacquie said...

My fridge leaked and our floor came back. Just be patient and don't do anything drastic. I so need to get to your blog more often. I love your experiment (which I want to try) and your batik blocks. Fantastic... and when you say raw edge there a book you would recommend? Or is that your idea? I'd like to find out more about that.

Pattie said...

Thanks for sharing your cheery little flower. It's beautiful! I hope working on it helped lift your spirits after the water fiasco. :-(

Quiltdivajulie said...

It's been a few days since I've been able to visit. Life moves at such a quick pace!

LOVE the squared blocks and the strip piecing experiments... I wish my "play" mode would return. In the meantime, I'm finishing bindings and plotting new projects (shuffling fabrics and paper... but not cutting or piecing). Things are bound to shift SOON!

DH agrees that the floors should dry and flatten but also agrees that being patient is difficult.

Hope your mom is okay.

Take care - newly framed stamps should be back with me soon!

MJMR said...

Beautiful flower. May your floors dry straight and flat!

TB said...

So sorry to hear about your water disaster! It puts a pit in the stomach.