Friday, March 28, 2008

2 cameras, 2 different pictures

I have 2 cameras. The tiny camera (Olympus) is great for carrying with me to any event where I would take pictures. It doesn't do well in low light so it has its drawbacks. The other (Kodak) is a big clunky one but it does have better color a lot of the time. On the photos above the top one of each pair is the Olympus, the bottom the Kodak. The second photo in both cases is the more true color. This fabric is deep and moody and the Oympus would like it to be light and cheerful. This is why so many quilts look different in person than in photos.
I wouldn't want you to think most of my quilts are really dull and that the camera is brightening them though. My quilts usually are bright and colorful. Occasionally I feel the need to work with the subdued and moody colors and I am really disappointed when the camera won't capture it.
Several people told me yesterday that I need to be patient and that my wood floor will be OK. Of course in my mind I am asking "What is patient, how long?". I will not do anything to it and hope for the best. My new water cooler is going to be just outside the kitchen door in the heated garage. It won't be much of an inconvenience and actually will be nice when I'm out gardening and need a drink. Thanks everyone for your soothing and encouraging words.


jovaliquilts said...

Oh, so interesting to see! I know that the flash can distort color, but sometimes it also provides a truer picture -- probably depends on lots of things!

Anonymous said...

What a difference between those two camera's. I am still getting use to my Olympus, I had 2 Kodak Digitals prior to that (they did not take dropping well at all) So I went to the shock and water proof Olympus only because of that feature. (*._,*) And do agree Kodak does have truer color.


Anonymous said...

Me again Wanda~ The freehand motion used on the center of flower (photo on the bottom) is amazing. The tight circles you made are very difficult I think. You did a great job.


jacquie said...

This is very interesting. The difference is startling. I have so much trouble getting good pictures of my quilt. They never look like themselves in their pictures. Thanks for sharing this.

meggie said...

The difference to the look of the flowers is amazing with the different cameras.