Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Prep work done.................

This is the only fabric therapy I got yesterday, 3 blocks cut.  I got everything covered in the attic, brought into the garage all of my pots of flowers.  I went with my granddaughter to her wedding dress fitting.

The roofing materials were delivered yesterday afternoon.  This is the second load of them.

Added at noon, no roof today.....more details tomorrow.

Then the fork lift drives back onto a pad and the guy hits the elevator button and he rises up and then drives onto the truck.  Pretty neat.  I watched this same process when the house across from me had their shingles delivered for their new garage a week ago.
My Coleus plants are getting big.  They are safe in the garage for a day.

I didn't think my Dwarf Beebalm had survived the winter, but surprise, there are 3 stems with flowers.

Pop up shop is now open to people on the mailing list - an email should have gotten to you with a password.  Everyone else can get into the shop noon tomorrow (Thursday) by going to and clicking on POP-UP SHOP.


Hedy said...

One of our local stores is having 50% off and I think I’m going to get some coleus, I just love them.

patty a. said...

I am trying to catch up from the weekend and being away from the computer Monday and Tuesday. You have been busy! The bowtie and zipper blocks are coming along nicely! For your new roof do they have to tear off the old shingle first? They were damaged by hail right?

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

we had our roof done last year and for 2 days it was so loud! but then it was done and looked so good

JJM said...

Good progress report and yes, your coleus are so vibrant . Hope you can tolerate the noise on your roof today.


JJM said...

Just finished 'window shopping' your Pop Up Shop. What a fantastic array of glorious originals by Wanda.