Saturday, June 15, 2019

Half way point in June..............

I could see the native Heliotrope was blooming in the back garden so I went out to take pictures.  There was a gusty wind so I had to be patient.

These Heliotrope blooms are sweet smelling like lilacs.

The small flowers on the Red Penstemon attract the hummingbirds because of the shape of the flower.

Black raspberries are forming.  The crop only lasts about 5 days but this is a volunteer plant so I'm not complaining.  I'm looking forward to berries on ice cream.

I only see one of these compact Asian Lily plants this year.  I got 5 on clearance for under a dollar each 2 years ago.  Last year 3 of them came up.  I need to get into that area and pull weeds and maybe I'll find another one.

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JJM said...

Such lovely lush gardens you have. . . My favorite garden nursery had its last day for the season today. Buy one get one free at the sale price yet ! I bought home 2 clematis for $5.00 ~. Nice long trailing vines and in full bloom. Planted them immediately and wrapped the vines around the rail fence. I hope they make it through the winter. We are classified as high desert here and have to water and irrigate daily here. So it's hit and miss with any perennial we plant.