Sunday, September 22, 2019

Color, and more color..........

Rail Fence by Wanda S. Hanson, Exuberant Color
 In my Interview last week I was asked about smooth gradation and if it was just for Colorwash. My answer was NO, gradation is a key component of many patterns I do. I teach hands on experience by making a Colorwash because 
Strips & Curves by Wanda S. Hanson, Exuberant Color
it's my signature style and the design that so many have asked how to create. But once you understand smooth gradation, it can be applied to unlimited quilt patterns. Here are a few where I always use
Trip Around the World by Wanda S. Hanson, Exuberant Color
smooth gradation to create a depth that you could never accomplish without understanding how to work with it. 
Fabric selection is basically what you're learning in my Colorwash 360 course. 

As a student in my class, you could start with a kit that I selected and it will help you leapfrog right to hands-on working with prints and colors that work and you'll begin to learn why they work through my teaching and your experience of working with them.

Many of my Colorwash Alumni have told me over and again that they now understand how to select fabrics which is a huge savings of both time and money, and they no longer waste their yardage trying to accomplish something that they now know won't work with that specific print.

I will be offering my course on Scrappy Quilting soon, but you also need the wisdom that is in Colorwash 360 to truly master color. I'd hate for you to miss out just because Colorwash isn't your favorite pattern. You don't have to make a Colorwash to take the class, but of course I recommend you do for the experience.

Enrollment is OPEN NOW for COLORWASH 360. I'm doing LIVE sessions and Ask Wanda Bonuses where you'll be able to get my assistance making decisions on your piece in class. Sometimes I'll get multiple photos in a day from a student as they progress and want help. I love helping others learn about color.

Click HERE to Watch the INTERVIEW where I talk about Color, Time-Savings, Accuracy and more.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Interested in the scrappy quilting course when it becomes available. As a Colorwash 360 alumna, I can vouch for what you've shared. There is SO much useful information that goes far beyond an actual color wash quilt -- the class is well worth the investment for each maker's tool kit.

JJM said...
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JJM said...

Your evaluation was so interesting on learning Colorwash gradation and why your Colorwash 360 is so important for all fabric selections, when it comes to designing a quilt top. I'm hoping your class is filled up to capacity for you.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Can't wait for scrappy quilting! Wish I had a local quilt store to shop for fabrics freqently. I don't always choose well when I buy online- color is off.

JJM said...

P.S. I can clearly see the gradation on all three of your beautiful designs you featured today.

Needled Mom said...

You do color so well.

Mystic Quilter said...

I love the Strips and Curves, stunning example of gradation.
Your Scrappy Quilting course sounds interesting, I have printed all the information, watched all the videos from my taking part in Colorwash 360 but still I'm afraid I don't yet have a completed piece! I must hurry myself along before the course mentioned comes along.