Thursday, May 9, 2024

Deep diving the stash...............

I pulled a stack off my shelves of Kaffe fabric and went through it piece by piece.  I found a few more pieces for my pink and green Tussie Mussie quilt.

I could go through some more stacks but I think I'm good now.

I showed my Kaffe Fassett stash last June when I brought it all up to the main level.  The empty crate at the right is filled now.  The shelf that I searched through is at the bottom of the black shelf unit on the right behind a small crate.  On the left on the bottom is the Spot fabric, dots in many colors.  I pulled one from that stack, the pale green with pink dots.

I also went through the Tula Pink stack and found these 4 that should work.  The turtles and rabbits are pretty large so they will be sliced into pieces.

This is the Columbine in the back garden.  I bought it at a garden club sale about 15 years ago.

The center is a very pale yellow.  The wind was blowing so I had to hold onto it to keep it in focus.

I thought my white Bleeding Heart got trampled last year but it came back.  It has one stem with flowers and more to bloom later.

There were a few white star flowers in the grass.  There are also lots of Violets and Creeping Charlie in the grass.  It's all green and in a shady area where the grass is sparse.  I would rather see something green than bare spots.

On the way back to the house I noticed the red Weigela has a few blooms.  The medium pink one is about done and the pale pink one has a few flowers on it.

I'll try to remember to get a photo of the whole bush with the red blooms.  It is pretty showy.


patty a. said...

What a beautiful stash of fabrics! They remind me of your gardens!

Julie S said...

Quilts and gardens! There is no better combo blogger than you! Thanks for your daily posting.

Mary said...

I love the fabrics you pulled. Even though I have followed you many years and even had an opportunity to see your stash, I forget just how fabulous it is.

Anonymous said...

I love your colors for the pink/green quilt. Those are the two colors that I have the most of in my stash, so I'm going to pay attention to your quilt design. And your flowers are gorgeous. So beautiful.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I love seeing that part of your stash - your colors are so pretty and you have such a choice when looking.

JJM said...

‘Diving’ deep into our stash you found some treasures for sure. Your organized corner I know is just a ‘tip of the ice berg’ for your fabrics to select from but such a beautiful sight to see.

And your garden tour was extra special for me today ~ I couldn’t believe how huge your columbine was … and with so many blossoms this spring. I love columbine and they mine will not blossom for another month or so. White stars, and white bleeding hearts and then the weigela all also lovely.


Nann said...

The purple walls are a perfect background for the Kaffe display!

Julierose said...

What absolutely lovely and delicate columbines--I am SO jealous!! And the white bleeding hearts are so pretty, too--I have the vivid pink ones which are all out right are right when they sway in the breezes they look magical!!
65 here and sunny so, I took myself to the grocery and did the weekly thing!!
I consider that my walk for the day!! :)))
I love that KF cabbage print--great soft colors of pinks and greens you unearthed...they will add so much to your mix...looking forward to Tussie Mussie's debut!! Hugs, Julierose

Quiltdivajulie said...

If that stash photo doesn't set one's heart racing . . . and then there's so much wonderful pink and green (fabric and flowers). THANK YOU!!

Linda Swanekamp said...

Beautiful fabrics with such luscious colors. Love the delicate columbine flowers. Mine are dark purple and fuschia.

Barbara Anne said...

What yummy fabrics you've chosen and an impressive stash should you need more. How wonderful!

Your flowers are so pretty! Our purple, lavender, white, and yellow iris are in bloom as are the rhododendrons and the honeysuckle is perfuming the air!


Elaine/Muddling Through said...

My goodness, what a bunch of beautiful crayons you have there in your coloring box! I can see so many beautiful quilts growing from those. And the flowers in your back yard are so totally different from mine here in semi tropical Houston! I love how God loves variety in His designs and colors in nature, too!