Friday, May 17, 2024

A sample of the pink/green............

I didn't get as far as a complete layout of my pink/green quilt but this is a sample of the variety in the blocks.  This is one of each of the 23 combinations and there are 6 blocks alike in each combination.  I put them on the wall as pinwheels but they are probably going to change when I get to the whole layout.  I still need to press the majority of them.

I have these 2 blocks leftover from the pink/blue layout that I might be able to use in the pink/green quilt.

 Most of the rain missed us yesterday with a shower finally around 6 p.m.  Other areas had downpours according to the news.

I ended up spending time outside again and took my camera out after I had pulled lots of weeds.  The Bleeding Heart is still blooming.

The flower buds are starting on the Annabelle Hydrangea.  I don't see buds on either of my other Hydrangeas yet.

The Garden Heliotrope has shot up in several locations and is just starting to bloom.  It has a strong scent similar to lilacs.

The hanging pots in the back garden are starting to have trailing flowers now.  Last year's assortment was similar but they didn't look this good.

This is one of the areas I worked on yesterday.  Look at all of that tall Creeping Charlie.  The poor Dianthus was almost covered with it and it was mixed into the Hosta leaves.

This is 2 varieties of Cranesbill next to each other.  The one in the back has white flowers.  I have another variety with pale lavender flowers in a back garden.

The porch pots are filling in nicely.  They have less plants than I usually put in them so I have to remember this worked well when I get ready to plant next year.

I only have one spot where the plants aren't filling in well and it is a new plant from last year that hasn't shown a lot of progress yet.  I'll give it a couple more weeks before I dig it out and replace it.  Maybe it will surprise me.  It's in the front center of the middle section


Julierose said...

What a beautiful garden spot beside your entrance--so pretty, Wanda--;)))

I was surprised to read that you have 6 "alike" blocks in your set up--that's not immediately visible at all. Such pretty colors--I think pink/green is one of my favorite combos..

57 here early this morning; gray skies again--s i g h...
Well, we have F1 practice to watch at 7:30 a.m. so, coffee and a slow start to the day is good;)))
Hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the garden plants are looking really good. I tried Bleeding Hearts once and they died on me and I never tried them again. The hydrangea here are blooming and after none last year it is so nice see the plant is back

JJM said...

Pink and green blocks are so pretty. I think of watermelon ~ so delicious and refreshing on warm spring day.

And your garden tour is really putting on a show to beat all. Like your quilts your gardens just take my breath away. Sensational !


Anonymous said...

With perennials there is a saying - "First they sleep, then they creep, and then they leap". So perhaps you just need to wait until next year before you move the plant?

A few years ago, I planted some yellow day lilies in a sunny spot. The pots were full so I divided them. It looked ok the first year and now I need to divide some of the plants to spread them around to other parts of the yard. /Liz

Barbara Anne said...

What a pretty pink/green start and I didn't notice the matching HSTs either.

You've certainly got a green thumb!


Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh, just a lovely garden tour. All that fresh growth and beautiful green shades. Hopefully, I can start on my garden this week. Pots look lush and full.

Mystic Quilter said...

I hope you did have a finished top Wanda, beautiful green and pink blocks. Still enjoying all your garden photos - still pouring with rain here, my garden is a mess, but a big thank you for the photos of your peonies - I always look forward to these beauties blooming in your posts. Such a great collection of batik strips already cut and I seem to remember the Tonga Treats quilt from an earlier blog post.