Thursday, May 2, 2024

April 2024 monthly recap..........

Three quilts were finished in April.  The Bear Paw quilt is 68" x 82", Charley in the Forest is 65.5" x 87", and Friendship Star is 62" x 71".  The 2 largest ones were quilted by Robin Diaz and I quilted the third one.

I finished 3 quilt tops that were either cut or started several years ago  The 4th top was started from scratch in March.  The blocks were all made for the neutral 16 patch so it just took a design wall session and stitching it together to finish this 55.5" x 72" top in one day.  Top center is the oldest (1996) with blocks sewn and squares cut with just 2 more rounds needed to be cut to finish it.  It is 36" x 42".  Bottom center was die cut pieces in a box since 2009 so the blocks got sewn and the top sewn together.  It is 39.5" square.   Ah, that felt good to get 3 oldies sewn into quilt tops.  On the right is a 9 patch value study quilt finished at 40" x 49", created March - April.

I spent a lot of time outside yesterday.  In the morning I decided to go ahead and plant my porch pots.  I usually wait until mid-May but the weather predictions for two weeks are warm, even at night.

I tried to hold back and put less plants in my pots this year.  Last year the Lime Sweet Potato Vines just took over and turned into giants so there aren't any this year.

I did get a couple of the black sweet potato vine for 2 of the pots.  The Petunias are supposed to be the wave variety so we'll see if they wave for me this year.

The top of the Red Geranium is cut off on this shot, but I went with red, white and purple with a dash of orange in 2 of the pots.  I saw a butterfly in the front garden yesterday so maybe there will be more butterflies visiting the pots.

Here are the Pansies in the center of the pot I showed yesterday.  The purple is a little darker in real life.

I took some more outside photos but will save them for tomorrow.

In the afternoon yesterday I dug up 13 plants and potted them to give to others.  They will be planted in the ground so I basically just put a little dirt in the pots, put in the plants and then covered the roots and watered them to keep them healthy before I give them away.

I haven't decided whether to plant the tomato plants yet.  I can easily cover the pots if we happen to get a frost warning but covering the tomatoes becomes a chore.


Julierose said...

What a wonderful month of beautiful finishes, Wanda--I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite--they are all so lovely and varied. Nice works all!!;)))
47 this morning with the fog rolling over us from the ocean...everything is so quiet in this fog....
I will be doing more auditioning and trying out new ideas for my next and final borders...thinking the narrow strips just don't look right--will try some chunkier and wider things...[getting bigger as the piece expands??] I really don't know where this is going or what I am doing on this one...I am finding it surprisingly hard to work in someone else's style...hugs, Julierose

Mary said...

Wow, you have had an extremely productive month, both in your studio and your yard. I also am trying to pot plants this year that will attract butterflies.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

the quilts and the potted plants look so good. In particular I like the quilt in the second photo on the right with the light center and of course Charlie in the Forrest I love that one.
I hadn't thought to plant sweet potato vines - that is a variety with no potato growing under the soil? I have grown sweet potatoes in the garden and in a pot that does produce the vegetable as well and thought to do so this year as well.

JJM said...

Such a beautiful array of finishes for April ~ each one has its own special beauty. Like your porch pots as well.


Nann said...

I think this is the best of your monthly quilt shows! Your doorstep flowers are lovely.

Mystic Quilter said...

Another month of amazing finishes and tops. I enjoy seeing your pot plantings, lots of lovely colour and you have a favourite of mine - pansies!

patty a. said...

You had another great month of finishes! Your flowerpots are beautiful. I need to get some started myself. I found a couple of plant containers that I forgot about. I need to drill holes in them for drainage and get them planted. I am just going to put the marigold seeds I saved from last year in them so it will be a while until I have flowers. I just don't want to go and buy any plants not knowing it they will end up being eaten by the deer.