Sunday, July 21, 2019

A couple ideas............

It was fun to read all of your stories about your UFOs or fixes for my dilemma on this project.  If you missed that post go back here.  

Jan suggested sewing the units as triangles (look down the center of the photo) rather than the Y shaped pieces at the left.  Two triangles could then be sewn together as diamonds and rows of diamonds would be sewn together.  There is still one Y seam making the triangles but the sewing together of pieced parts wouldn't have any Y seams.  There are 2 different triangles, mirror images of each other, with dark. medium, and light strategically placed.

Sharon S suggested making a half hexagon quilt like I have done with large half hexagons.  They are sewn in vertical columns, easy sewing.  She suggested unsewing the pieces that are done but there are several hundred loose half hexagons in the plastic bags so I wouldn't waste my time unsewing anything.

Now I just have to decide if I want to work with these fabrics.

It finally started cooling off a little around 5 last night but the humidity was still there and it was hard to breathe in it.  I pulled weeds for awhile and then gave up and will go back at it today.

Here are blooms on my Blackie Sweet Potato vine.  I remember how surprised I was several years ago to see the blooms since the green ones hadn't ever bloomed.
My Rudbeckia is late blooming this year and the plant is much smaller than in previous years.  It is Commonly known as Brown Eyed Susan.

There are many varieties of Brown Eyed Susans and this is one of the plants my friends gave me.  There are buds forming on the top of all of them.

My Tiger Lilies are late blooming this year too.  There are only a couple flowers open so far.  Hopefully we will get a little rain with the cold front coming through so there will lots more blooms.


Vicki W said...

Well that's brilliant! I you want to do the half hexagon (fastest) method, make it about 48 x 60, send it to me and I'll turn it into a veteran's quilt. My quilt club supplies batting and backing. No trash created, just love!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Really like the half hexagon idea! Only you can decide about working with the fabrics - good luck with the decision.(what about using only some of them to make a mini or small walk piece? Although Vicki’s Suggestion just gave me an idea.

The Reader said...

I missed the dilemma post originally, but for doing Y seams by machine, look up Gyleen X. Fitzgerald "Butterfly Seam" technique. Very easy, unbulky way, fast, and you'll never grumble about doing Y seams by machine again.

She has several facebook groups, and has demo'ed this on The Quilt Show and a few other online quilt TV show things, and her website is InColourfulStitches I believe.....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

And if you want those other ones "un-sewn" - send them to me - I'll do it for you - and send them back. I find "un-sewing" very relaxing - I know - it's just me - LOL - ;))

JJM said...

Like you, I'm not into calico fabrics like we were 30 years ago. And I have quite stash of them. I was told to hang onto them and now I wish I had passed them on years ago when they were popular.


Needled Mom said...

I loved reading all of the replies. I'm so glad that I am not alone in this challenge.

Hope the cool down hit your area.