Saturday, March 30, 2019

The time is now..........

Why am I still teaching at 78 years old?

I love to see students learn and grow. 

When my daughter Vicki and I were producing the Colorwash 360 online class last year we knew we wanted to add 40 days of live interaction with me, so I could give personal help to the students. 

Then we had to decide how we would do it.

All it took was a little research, a broadcasting app, a microphone, headphones and a camera and here I am interacting with my students from across the world, and answering their questions live. And no, I don’t have a tech team here to help me set it up each time, I do it myself.

It turned out that my studio made the perfect room to broadcast from with great lighting and a design wall right behind me.

Vicki and I were both a bit nervous not only about being filmed live but also concerned that the video broadcast might fail or some other technical problem would arise that we couldn’t fix.

We ended the first live session, everything worked and when we talked afterwards, realized we both had so much fun doing it. 

I don’t like to plan too far ahead, I take one day at a time. I’ve had multiple health scares over the past seven years and unexpected surgeries the last two summers so we didn’t know if the Live Sessions would be part of our class this Spring. 

We’re happy to announce that because my health has held up and we had so much fun, we are offering the 40 Day Live workshop again beginning on April 8. 

If any of you are on the fence, if you should take my Colorwash class, I’d say, just do it. You’ll realize that it’s much more than just making a Colorwash Wallhanging. You’re learning how to handle color in a simplified process that can be applied to all of your work. You’ll also get a sneak peek into how I’m able to make so many quilts.

The fun thing with an online course is that it’s available when you have time to work on it and even the Live sessions are taped, so you’re able to watch them again, or if you miss one you can watch it later.

Colorwash 360 is Open Now for Enrollment until Sunday April 7th. Click HERE to learn more about it.

The 40 Day Workshop (a Bonus to this session of the course) begins on Monday April 8. You may be wondering, what is the 40 day workshop?  For 40 days (April 8 - May 17)  we’ll all work on our Colorwash projects at the same pace learning as you go, and end with a completed quilt top that is a piece of fine art. And if you’re more experienced you may get to the point of quilting and finishing in that timeframe.

So far we have students enrolled from Australia and New Zealand and all across the US. I really hope you’ll consider joining too. 

We are offering International shipping of kits this time. Supplies are limited.

If you are considering the class and would like the personal connection, now is the time to sign up. I’d love to help simplify color for you so you can make many great works.


Marnie Haines said...

Good luck, Wanda, with this class. The Colrwash 360 class you held last October was a real bell ringer!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Terrific post - and yes, anyone who is on the fence should JUST SAY YES and enroll. There is SO much more to the class than just the quilt itself.

JJM said...

As long as I've known you, you have always shared your talent and knowledge with all around you. Very unusual for an artist to share their secrets. You are the best Wanda and I'd run this post every day till your class begins.


O'Quilts said...

Good for you Wanda!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

Great post Wanda, pleased I said a big YES to enrol. Apart from the obvious desire to take a part in your series your mention of the personal connection was a huge drawcard also.
I get where you're coming from on taking one day at a time, that's another reason I felt that given my health issues I should take this opportunity. I'm so looking forward to the first session!

patty a. said...

It is so great that Vicki has helped you with opening up a whole new world for you! I would have no idea on how to do an on-line class. I wish you all the best!

Yvette said...

Almost over the fence said...

Thanks for explaining that all of the instruction and videos will be available for future use. That information has made it possible for me to join with you even though I will be traveling to Japan towards the end of the session. I will be gone for twelve days but returning for the last two days. Gotta go now and start prepping my fabrics.