Monday, March 4, 2019


It was 2 degrees at 11p.m. last night and still going down to below 0 overnight. We are probably going to break a record today for the coldest high temperature on Mar. 4th.

This is the current layout of the pineapple log cabin blocks.  Thanks everyone for your input yesterday.  I am making a large quilt!  I think the green block in the center needs to be moved and I may take off the top corner triangles of 2 blocks in the bottom row and change to lighter value triangles.  When I moved the blocks to the double design wall in the basement I realized I didn't need it to be 10 rows long so I stopped at 7 x 9 and they are 10" blocks.

For the readers who have never done a One Block Wonder, here is a little tutorial of the design time.  You have little stacks of 6 identical triangles.
You have 3 corners that potentially could be the center so here is the first one.

The second one.

And the third choice.  Then you have to decide which one you like best and sew it in 2 halves (half hexagons) for easier final sewing of the quilt.  The 2 halves are then pinned together so you can take them to the design wall to try different layouts.


Hedy said...

It’s cold here in St.Louis, 4 degrees at 7am. The sun is shining though with a beautiful blue sky. I made a one block wonder once, they turn out really interesting. My fabric had really light and really dark colors so putting it together was challenging. I’m waiting for your beautiful pineapple quilt to be finished. More tweaking needed I think.

Michele said...

I love your combined layout. Not sure about switching out the upper triangle, but the green block draws the eye right to the center for sure.

Thanks for the design lesson. Trying out different centers would be fun, but the cutting to get the identical triangles intimidates me...

Stay warm. No need to tell you to stay busy. You get more done than most people I know!

JJM said...

Was pleased to hear you are going to complete your pineapple quilt with all your light and dark together. . . And what fun to see how "one block wonder" can be three totally different designs, I love them all, and would you use all three in the same quilt ?

Oh yes that articfront has settled in here too. -13 at sunrise and has warmed to -7 as of 8:00 a.m. Not supposed to get above zero today.


Needled Mom said...

I agree that the green needs to be moved. That really looks great.

Our February set a record for the first year ever of our high not hitting 70*. We actually had ten days in the month with lows of 32 or lower. Unimaginable!

Kevin the Quilter said...

What talent you possess Wanda! How brilliant to add your colorwash flare to a pieced quilt! Not to mention a HEAVILY PIECED quilt! Delicious! I am looking to do a One block wonderesque quilt.....trying to research different tutorials. Have you ever done one with squares rather than triangles?

Kerry said...

Lovely colourwash pineapple! Only you could do that so well! Also liking the different ways to piece the triangles - quite fond of the first one, second looks like a spider's web or a Catherine wheel firework, while the third also spinning like a windmill. Very interesting!

Nancy A: said...

Winter has returned here too. When I got up this morning it was 28 degrees. I worry about the trees and bushes that were already blooming. This is really cold for our part of AL at this time of year. Your quilt is going to be beautiful. I agree about the green block -- not that you need my approval:). I just love the things you do. I suppose you heard about our tornados that hit Sunday. So far 23 are dead and 8 are missing. That was SE of us. I hurt my back so I have not been able to sew for almost 2 weeks. But I may try to do a little today.

Mystic Quilter said...

The Pineapple is a beauty! I still haven't made a start on a One Block Wonder - great tutorial Wanda.