Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Slowly but surely...............

I make a little progress most days on the red OBW blocks.  I had other things that needed to be done yesterday and then I had to get out the vacuum cleaner for the kitchen was in serious need of vacuuming and I tend to ignore it most days.
Family from out of state are in town so I needed to mix a batch of Kringlas for their visit this morning.

It was finally sunny and not too cold yesterday and supposed to be even warmer today and tomorrow before the snow flurries on Saturday morning.  We are so sick of cold weather here.

The second offering of my online Colorwash360 class will be open for enrollment later this week.  If you haven't previously signed up for early access on my mailing list and would like info on the class go HERE to sign up.

Go HERE to view students' work from my October 2018 online Colorwash360class.  They did an amazing job on their projects.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Enjoy your family (and the cleaned kitchen floor).

Needled Mom said...

I can't imagine how sick you must be of the cold weather with April approaching so quickly.

Have fun with your family while enjoying your baking.

patty a. said...

The blocks are so fun! I like the movement in them. The cookies look good. I need to clean my kitchen floor too, but it is going to need more than just a sweep unfortunately! LOL!!! The sun is shining here and it is warming up during the day, but the air is still cool/cold and the nighttime temps have been below freezing. We have rain in the forecast, but no snow thank goodness.

JJM said...

OBW'ers always so mesmerizing ..... And a cookie sheet full of Kringla, what a delicious post today Wanda. I know your Kringla's disappear in a blink. They look like a presentation from Martha Stewart's kitchen.


Nancy A: said...

Love your OBW blocks! Yesterday I moved 3 blocks along the top and finally am done arranging my OBW blocks. Thanks for encouraging me to get it up on the design wall and start playing. I am in love with the final design. Of course I still have to sew them together and work on the border. I have ordered some Amish black for the border. My husband wants it to go over the LR sofa, but I had planned it for the hallway going to the guest room and to my sewing room. I am glad he likes it and am willing to try it in the LR. For now it will have to sit on the design wall while I finish a quilt I am making for a granddaughter for her college graduation on May 11th. The top is done and now I am piecing the back. It is all in the school colors. I am going to be pushed to get it all done by graduation since we are leaving for Texas after church on Sunday to visit 2 sets of friends. But maybe I can visit a quilt store or two while we are gone:) I really miss our LQS that closed about a year ago.