Wednesday, June 1, 2022

May 2022 monthly recap...............

The only finish for the month of May was done early in the month before the gardening season started.

It is 38.5" x 54".  It was started in 1991 and finally finished 31 years later.

The only other sewing was my mindless evening sewing on two projects.  All blocks are made for the one on the left and 1/3 of the blocks are made for the one on the right.

The rest of the month was spent exploring the gardens, seeing what survived the winter and planting some new varieties.

The ferns are doing well on the north side of the house.  If we don't have Japanese Beetles this year they might actually stay nice all summer. Behind them the red Weigela is starting to bloom.

The little Moss Roses are putting on a good show.  I need to get the leaf mulch spread this week while we have some cooler weather.

I know this is a little blurry but I just had to show the largest of my little tomatoes.  Most of my plants will have medium size tomatoes so they ripen earlier than the huge beefsteak varieties.  I'm hoping for the beginning of the last week in June for a red tomato in my salad.  I counted 22 tomatoes forming on all of my plants.  I bet there will be more today.

Cannas were coming up in one the pots in my garage so I got it outside and watered it at the beginning of last week.  I brought the other pot out too but haven't seen any life in it yet.
I saved a few Evening Primrose plants before my landscaping project last year.  I haven't decided where to plant them yet so they will bloom in the pot and be dealt with later.

Well, new month, new projects.  Ooops, I guess I'm supposed to finish one that is in progress.......we'll see.



Julierose said...

Good luck with the tomatoes--they are always such a treat with their homegrown fresh taste.
I like your May finish a lot; such a nice light airy looking piece.
hugs, julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is always hard to have a lot of sewing finishes when the garden work starts

patty a. said...

You one finish was a good one! I had to go back and look to see what I did in May. LOL!! I did have those two small baseball quilts then tote bags. The work in your gardens is going to pay off and the pictures show the effort you have been putting in!

JJM said...

Your 31 yr old work of art is timeless and happy it made it too the finish line. Your gardens sure are putting on a great show.


Needled Mom said...

It’s nice to get a winter garden break so you can concentrate on sewing. The garden posts have been so fun this month.

Mystic Quilter said...

Your ferns look so healthy, I've never heard of Japanese Beetles, better go and look them up. Home grown tomatoes are the best - hope you do have a salad in June!

Tami Von Zalez said...

31 years Wanda! Now I don't feel so bad about some of my projects. I think my oldest one is just an idea of an Americana quilt from an old quilting magazine.