Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Basting and sorting............

I finished basting the African colorwash wallhanging but didn't start the ditch quilting yet.  I have to clean off the top of my cabinet so I can quilt it with my Pfaff.

I'm back to finish sorting the light batik fabrics that were on 2 shelves that I showed a few days ago.  Most of these are quite large prints or multicolor or dark cream background colors.

Here is a look farther down this stack.  I need to pull out any I think I will never use and restack ones that can be used together.

I cut straggly tree branches yesterday and watered all of my pots of flowers.  Also did a load of laundry.  Not a very exciting day to write about.



Julierose said...

My stash is looking more manageable today--I only have blacks, browns and solid white backgrounds with scattered prints (don't even ask why I separate those!!?) to go through. But i will keep most of those, I think as I don't have many to begin with in those colors. Tiring work for me...I would love to start re-arranging my room, but I cannot be moving things right now--

[DH is going to try his luck replacing our kitchen faucet--plumbing is not a usual thing for him--I am keeping mum and seeing what happens :))))]
We may end up doing take out tonight, ya think? hahaha
Hugs, Julierose

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

some days I'm lucky to get in a little piecing - I almost always quilt in the evening though while watching/listening to a show or two. sorting fabric can be tiring I think

patty a. said...

You have such a fabulous stash of light batiks! It is good to go thru them every once in a while. I know I forget sometimes what I have!

Quiltdivajulie said...

I agree with your thought to remove the ones you don’t think you will ever use. Makes it easier to see what you might use.

Anne Ibach said...

I'm curious how you decide a fabric is something that you'll never use. Is it just something you don't like? Something that you can't picture with other fabrics? Something else?