Friday, June 17, 2022

56 blocks.............

I'm getting down to decision time.  I have 56 blocks made, 7 across, 8 down, not a good proportion for a finished top. (56" x 64")  I have enough pieces cut for 5 more blocks but not a good variety of prints.  I have plenty more fabric so I guess I might be cutting again today.

I watered all of my pots and the tomato plants yesterday morning and watered the whole front flower bed last night.  We only got a tenth of an inch of rain.  Last night when I went out to check on the tomato plants this is what I saw.  Our weather from today through Sunday is perfect ripening weather.  Then we go back into upper 90s again at the beginning of next week.  Tomato plants don't like it that hot.....and neither do I.

This is the larger of the 2 volunteer tomato plants that I put in pots.  It has a bloom on it so there is hope it is going to produce fruit.

One of the Hostas in the front garden has sent up a flower stalk already.  It seems early for that but I have about 20 or more varieties and they all bloom at different times.  The last to bloom is close to the first of September.

The new Hydrangea bush behind it has the first sign of a bud.  I'll be checking to see if there are more today.



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

with this heat I don't know how my little garden will do - the berries are getting sun burnt - we will see it sounds like from last nights weather that it will stay like this all month!
Your yellow is bright and pretty

Hubblebird said...

I absolutely adore the golden goodness of your quilt. It’s gloriously gorgeous.

JJM said...

I agree with ‘hubblebird’ this top is ‘golden goodness’ and I would add GLORIOUS on top of that !

I can see a delicious BLT in a few days.


Jocelyn said...

All of my plants are about done. Just too hot :-(
Love your quilt!!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I can't believe how much my garden has grown this week. Cool, then hot, then cool again. Everything looks lovely in your garden patch!

Mystic Quilter said...

And even more yellows here, I love the little pops of colour here and there in the HSTs. Good luck with the tomatoes, do you ever have problems with fungus virtually destroying the plant?