Friday, May 20, 2022

Trial layout............

I sewed 9 sets of blocks from the cut ones I showed yesterday.  I took some of the ones sewn earlier and put them up on the design wall to get an idea what the layout should be.  I don't know if they should be color grouped or just all mixed up.  They could also be changed to a horizontal layout, or both, rows of vertical and rows of horizontal alternated.  Meanwhile I'll keep sewing strip sets and finish making the blocks.

I mowed the side yard and part of the front yard late morning and finished up the rest of the front yard in the early evening as it was cooling down a little.

This is one of the pots in front of my garage.  The Sweet Potato Vine is supposed to be a smaller variety so maybe it won't be dragging on the ground this year.

This is the other garage pot.  The really dark Coleus don't show up well here.  They look as dark as the dirt in the pot.  They will get really tall and filled out as summer goes on.

I planted 5 more tomato plants in 3 sessions yesterday.  One is at the back of the house in the area where I dug out a Peony last year.  The other 4 are along my driveway.  I'm going to plant some Hostas along the driveway too because it is getting shadier at the center of the area, between the 2 groups of tomato plants.  I have 2 more tomato plants to get in the ground.  Every year I say I will buy fewer plants and then I end up with more.  I figure the extras are insurance in case some of the plants don't produce much.

The Allium flowers are blooming.  I'm not sure who planted them.  One is on my property now where they used to be all on my neighbor's lot. 

The Bleeding Heart is getting tall but only has the very beginnings of flower buds.

Here is a close up of the Columbine I showed yesterday (taken from my dining room window).  This time I was just inches away from it.  My dark blue Columbine disappeared last year and I don't know if any of the deep rose colored ones are out there yet.



patty a. said...

The blocks look good! I can see you arranging these in the style of your watercolor quilts. It sounds like you had a hard day of work with mowing and planting. I walked the backyard last night and oh my do I need to do some serious trimming! Your pots are so pretty!

Julierose said...

I like the light centers blocked together a lot...;)))

My bleeding hearts have bloomed since the rains we had...they were a gift from a friend who had them multiplying out of control all over her side yard.
Such a pretty flower...
Hope you have a good weekend hugs, Julierose

JJM said...

Pretty array of blocks, I can see they’re going too be fun to create with.

With warm spring days theres always lots of outside work for us. I keep down sizing my gardens every year and you keep adding to yours.


sewyouquilt2 said...

Your blocks are gorgeous. Have fun playing your plants are pretty too

MissPat said...

Certain allium varieties are prolific self-seeded and the seeds will get blown by the wind, popping up in places they were never planted. The rest of your plants are coming along nicely.