Sunday, May 29, 2022


We had a lot of gloomy weather last week so it was nice to see the sunshine in my backyard yesterday morning.

I touched fabric yesterday but didn't do any sewing.  I did laundry instead.

I pull out Spiderwort every year and this year there is the least amount I've ever had.  It is hard to get rid of.

The Tiger Lily area looks good this year.  The last 2 years all of the plants started drying up early because it was so hot and dry.  This year we are back to normal rain amounts so I'm hoping the flowers will last longer.

This flowerbed needs help.  There is a Sedum and a Coral Bell and Lungwort in there but also lots of weeds.  I'm hoping to clean it up this year.  

I did pull weeds in other areas yesterday.  Velcro weed and a couple others were prevalent in another area.  With the ground soft from all of the rain I was able to pull most of it out by the roots.

My perennial Dianthus is putting on a good show.  It has a lot more blooms than the annual in the back yard that self seeds.  I need to dig out some of the new grass that is moving into the flowerbed.

This Hosta is about 3' across now.  I bought it in a little pot about 4 years ago and it seems to like where it is planted in the back garden.

I planted a couple Hostas (that I had saved in pots) by the driveway between the areas of tomato plants yesterday afternoon.  There is room for one more so I may do that today.  

I'm happy to hear they are backing off on the forecast for 4 days of 90 degrees.  Now they are down to one (Memorial Day) with the other 3 days in the mid 80s.  Humidity is low now so it is comfortable out.  I'm hoping that doesn't change too much.

Thanks to all who gave their opinion yesterday on the orientation of the blocks on the design wall.  I'm thinking about moving down to the basement where I have a larger design wall to work on it now.  It will be cooler down there while we have some extra warm days too.


Linda Swanekamp said...

Your garden is filling in so well! The softer ground here also has made getting out the weeds and invasives so much easier. I will get out there and photograph today. Yesterday I spent the day digging and planting. I did sew two strata, but that is it.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

it is always so hard to keep up with the weeds in the garden I have something that grows and keeps coming back it looks good at first then not so much I need to remember to take a photo with the plant ap and see what the heck it is

Quiltdivajulie said...

We had sunshine as well - a very welcome sight indeed after so much gray. Here's to spending time outdoors with Mother Nature.

JJM said...

It’s so good to see spring blossoms in your yard. Mother Nature has decided to skip spring out here in our valley.


Needled Mom said...

The flowers are all looking so pretty. They would likely not like prolonged days of heat either.