Saturday, May 21, 2022

Nature walk..........

My lilacs are the late variety and I think they are Miss Kim variety.  I planted 4 bushes in November 1994.  One died about 8 years ago and the other 3 are right outside my bedroom window so the scent is heavenly for about a week.  They are about 8-10 feet tall now.

The annual Dianthus that self seeds in the back garden is starting to bloom.  The flower is a much deeper rose color than it looks here.

The very pale pink Weigela is starting to bloom now.

This is the other pink Weigela that is in full bloom now.

Now that all of the grassy part of the Wild Onion has died down the star flowers appear.

I got one more tomato plant in the ground and also planted a Hosta and my white blooming Wild Geranium.  There were buds on the Wild Geranium while it was in the pot from last year so I hope the transition to the ground isn't too much of a shock for it.

I thought I would show the three different kinds of cactus I have.  This one is the Easter or Spring cactus, rounded segments.

This is the Christmas cactus with the scalloped sections.  This is the one that is blooming now.

This is the Thanksgiving cactus with the pointy sections.  These last 2 are marketed as Christmas cactus at most stores.

This is a side view of the Christmas cactus bloom.  You can see the base of the flower (the green part) is much larger than the base on the Thanksgiving cactus blooms.

This blossom is smaller than the ones on the Thanksgiving cactus too and is more similar in shape to the Easter cactus.  I'm basically going by information I found on the internet with an illustration of all 3 types side by side.


Quayquilter said...

I think your gardening and quilting activities are linked, a love of colour, form and creativity. Amazing.

Libby in TN said...

A couple months ago we transplanted our weigelias to a location where their exuberant nature would screen the neighbor's view of our generator. Hardy creatures, they are already blooming.

Julierose said...

Lovely cacti--thanks for sharing the different types...It's very foggy here this morning and coolish...I don't know if we will get that predicted heat here by the shore...hugs, Julierose

Needled Mom said...

The flowers are all so pretty. I can imagine how lovely it must be to have those lilacs blooming outside your window.

JJM said...

Nature walk plus tutorial on cactus . What a grand post today Wanda, I enjoyed every photo and dialog.


Anne Ibach said...

Your Christmas cacti reminds me of my cousins' grandmother when I was a kid. She had hundreds of them in her house. She would take any piece that broke off and put it in a new pot. She had an amazing green thumb.

Christine said...

Great photos, I have a wild garlic which is similar to your onion.
Thanks for the info about the cacti. I shall inspect mine and fo a post about them. See

Christine said...

Great photos, I have a wild garlic which is similar to your onion.
Thanks for the info about the cacti. I shall inspect mine and do a post about them.

Mystic Quilter said...

A treat to see your garden blooming in the warmer weather, we're heading for Winter so I love your garden posts. Weigela bushes grew in the garden of the first house we bought after being married, I loved them and the photo here has me thinking I'm going to plant a couple here. I had never picked up on the different leaf shape of the different cactus, thanks for showing.

Pat said...

Question about the wild onion (white star blossoms)---are these flowers green on the back side with a white edging? My daughter has something similar growing in her yard. She said it's the first time she has seen the flowers and thinks it is because they are late mowing for the first time.