Monday, April 6, 2020

More framed 9 patch blocks, almost there..............

7 out of 11 framed 9 patch blocks completed.  I have paired solids and prints for the last 4 but haven't sewn them yet.  Hopefully by tonight I'll have them all done and my layout finished on the design wall.

I decided to search one more time for elastic and found another piece of 1/8" elastic a little under 3 yards and some black 1/4" elastic that was really a soft stretch so it should be comfortable on the ears.  The people I am making them for aren't wearing them 8 hours a day, just using them when they have to go somewhere and come back home shortly.
A couple people yesterday said they were using t-shirt fabric strips for the ear loops instead of elastic.  That sent me searching for any knit fabrics I still had.  I found 5 to try.  You can see the edge curls so what you do is cut a strip crosswise on the fabric and then stretch it and it rolls up.
The best one from this batch was the blue one which I think has spandex in it.

A couple people asked what pattern I am using.  It is widely available online and I'm not sure of the name but the 2 batik (tightly woven fabric) pieces are each cut 6" x 9" for an adult and it should be 2 different fabrics so the wearer knows which side has been against their face.  The ear loops are recommended 7" long but a lot of people have told me that is way too loose so 6.5" might be better.  If you are making a child size the measurement is 5" x 7.5" and flannel is recommended as the inside layer to be soft against their face.


Julierose said...

Such pretty blocks:)))
Tee shirt loops sound like a great idea--nice and soft
~ ~ ~ waving Julierose;)))

patty a. said...

The framed 9 patch blocks are fabulous! They will had a nice pop to the quilt top. Necessity is the mother of invention or so the saying goes. No elastic; use t-shirt fabric! Brilliant!

Tami Von Zalez said...

Framing those 9 patches is going to be one of my projects.
Riley Blake has posted a pattern for the masks.

JJM said...

Perfect 9 Patch blocks to add... You've inspired me to make a pretty fabric mask to put over my N95 mask . Because I'm one of those that are compromised with a lung condition, it's mandatory for me to wear the N95 mask.


Carol said...

Your masks appear to not have that extra piece of fabric covering each end like a binding. Are you sewing all around, leaving an opening to turn and then sewing them closed? Seems much faster to make and I don't see the purpose in those I see using that extra binding piece on each end. My google account is not letting me sign in.